What Are Brick Mould Trim Profiles, Sizes & Dimensions?

July 25, 2022

By: The Finished Space

Contrary to its name, brick moulding has nothing to do with brick. Instead, brick mould is a type of trim that’s commonly found on the exterior of doors. If you’re interested in learning more about brick moulding, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to discuss what brick mould is and what materials are most popular for brick moulding. Then, we’ll look at the most common brick mould dimensions and sizes.

What is Brick Mould?

brick mould doorway


So, if brick mould isn’t brick, what is brick moulding? Brick moulding is a type of trim that’s primarily used as the exterior casing around doors. That’s why it’s sometimes called door brick mould. However, you can also find it around windows and garage doors.

Brick mould serves a couple of purposes. Aesthetically, it helps create a visually appealing boundary between your home’s siding and the door. Think of it like crown moulding, but for door and window casings. It doesn’t replace the casing, but rather, it helps seamlessly transition from the siding to the door or window.

Functionally, it adds another layer of protection to your home’s door. Brick moulding helps increase the longevity and durability of a home’s door. It helps protect and shield it from weather to help it last longer. Additionally, brick moulding can help add a layer of stability to the casing.

Historically, brick moulding has been around since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it in their architecture. It was revived again during the Gothic revival in 1850, and it has remained a part of exterior doors and windows.

These days, brick moulding can come in various materials, sizes, and styles. Let’s look at some of those now:

Most Popular Brick Moulding Materials

Brick Mould House Exterior

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There are four common materials for today’s brick mould. They are vinyl, metal, composite, and wood. Let’s take a look and compare each of them, so you’ll know which is the best choice for your home, style preferences, and needs.


Vinyl is a cost-friendly material option. It’s relatively waterproof and an excellent choice for places that experience a lot of rain. Generally, vinyl brick mould only comes in white and will need to be replaced relatively frequently to keep it looking good. The proponents of vinyl brick moulding love its cheap and easy installation. However, it does have a cheaper look and feel that turns off many homeowners and designers.


Metal is the perfect choice for durability. Many different types of metal exist, but flexible metals like aluminum are the most common for brick moulding. Installation and material costs will be higher with metal than with other alternatives. It also won’t be as versatile in style or color. However, if durability is the primary concern, metal is a material to consider for your home’s brick moulding.


Composite brick moulding is made from PVC. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Like vinyl, it’s a human-made material that offers affordability and strength. However, it’s worth noting that composite brick moulding isn’t an eco-friendly option, so if being green is a concern for you, you’ll want to skip this material. It also tends to dent and stain.


Wood brick moulding is the most beautiful and classic option. It’s durable, easy to install, and can be cost-effective, too. This classic material is always a hit and can be painted to fit any aesthetic. Solid pine and finger joint pine are the most popular species of wood for brick moulding.

Brick Mould Dimensions and Sizes

Brick Mould Wooden Doorway

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If you’re looking for brick moulding for your home, you’ll need to know more than just the material choices. You’ll also need to know the different brick mould dimensions and sizing options. So, what are the available dimensions and sizes?

The most common size is 2”. However, 1 ½” and 1 ¼” are also popular options. So, your size and dimension options are:

  • 2”

  • 1 1/2 “

  • 1 1/4”

Ultimately, the right-sized brick mould for your home will depend on the style you’re trying to achieve.

Get Started with Brick Moulding On Your Home with Metrie

Ultimately, brick mould is a finishing touch that goes on a home’s exterior around the doors (and sometimes the windows). Its primary purpose is to create a visually appealing boundary around the door and provide added protection.

If you’re looking for high-quality brick mould for your home – we can help. At Metrie, we’re pros at creating top-notch moulding and trim inspired by the best designers from around the world.