9 Beautiful Stair Trim Moulding Ideas

November 29, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Are you looking for different ways to make your staircase design shine? Stairs are more than just a functional part of the home. They present another rare opportunity to add subtle touches of intrigue, luxury, and drama.

Given the amount of time spent traveling up and down stairs, they definitely deserve a little bit of attention. Trim moulding is the perfect aesthetic complement to any staircase. 

Here are nine beautiful stair trim moulding ideas to inspire your next home improvement project:

1. Add a Shiplap Wall

Metrie Complete - Shiplap - Stairs Entrance

Shiplap is not limited to just accent walls anymore. In fact, there’s been a revolution in the ways you can use shiplap in interior design, and that includes staircases, and why not? The

parallel lines of the shiplap pair perfectly with the sharp angles of a staircase.

When shiplap and stairs are used together, they create a calming atmosphere that makes your home feel lighter, more structured, and significantly more sophisticated.

2. Creative Accent Moulding

For Blog Only - Chip and Joanna Gaines, HGTV's Fixer Upper - Shiplap Staircase

Designer: Chip and Joanna Gaines, HGTV's Fixer Upper | Photographer: Jennifer Boomer

The diagonal lines created by the custom cut millwork create interest while balancing the shiplap wall in this gorgeously designed staircase. Plus, it creates geometric patterns that really catch your attention.

Pairing the beautiful rich brown of the steps with the neutral white of the walls and risers creates brilliant contrast.

3. Create a Custom Moulding Pattern

For Blog Only - HGTV Save My Reno - Panel Mould Staircase

HGTV's Save My Reno

There are almost no limits to what you can do with trim moulding. You are only limited by your imagination, and that certainly wasn’t the case with the designer of this incredibly intricate staircase.

They took their knowledge of geometry, interior design, and home improvement and created art. The linework contrasts flawlessly with the minimalism of the staircase itself, and the use of a glass banister allows guests to see the intricate design without obstruction. 

4. Install a Diagonal Chair Rail

Diagonal Chair Rail Staircase.png

Source: https://nextluxury.com/home-design/chair-rail-ideas/

Staircases are typically off-balance, with a wall on one side and a banister on the other. What if there is a way to fix that? That’s where the diagonal chair rail comes into play.

A handrail and chair rail have two entirely different functions, and using both creates a symmetry that brings balance to the staircase. If you use the same trim throughout your home, it also allows you to seamlessly transition from one floor to the next without breaking the flow of your chair rail.

5. Outline Skirt Boards with Trim

For Blog Only - Intrim Mouldings - Skirt Board Trim Stairs

Intrim Mouldings

This is such a unique and gorgeous way to add drama to an already eye-catching design. Placing skirt boards along your steps creates stunning dimension that perfectly complements the sharp angles of your staircase.

By adding trim to the edges of the skirting board, you can highlight that feature even more. The white-on-white aesthetic is a no-fuss application that screams high-end luxury.

6. Add Wainscotting

For Blog Only - Emily Henderson - Batten Staircase

Emily Henderson

This is further proof that straight lines and sharp angles are the ideal complements to staircase design. Using trim to add wainscotting to the walls surrounding the staircase is ideal for creating dimension without taking up space.

Like the shiplap design described above, this design idea adds loads of sophistication and creates a serene atmosphere. By keeping the walls and trim the same color, the designer was able to add an industrial baluster, which adds a bit of flair. In the end, the whole thing feels effortlessly beautiful.

7. Wainscotting Doesn’t Have to be Perfectly Square!

Diagonal Wainscotting Staircase.jpeg

Source: https://nextluxury.com/home-design/stair-trim-ideas/

Panel moulding is similar to square trim in principle, but ultimately has a more luxurious look. By creating diagonal panels, the designer of this staircase created peak drama without stealing focus.

They chose to stop the paneling at the chair rail, creating a seamless transition with the first floor and leaving plenty of room to breathe. As a result, the designer of this staircase could teach a master class on what to do with panel moulding.

8. Get a Coffered Crown Moulding Look

For Blog Only - Coffered Ceiling Staircase

When a guest walks up the stairs, they stare straight up at the ceiling of the second floor. So, why not give them something interesting to look at on the way?

No rule states that your design ideas should be limited to the walls surrounding your stairs, and this staircase proves it. Coffered crown moulding ceilings are an ideal way to add drama and charm to an area of your home that is often neglected.

9. Use Natural Wood to Accent

Natural Wood Accented Stairs.png

Source: https://weekendbuilds.com/stair-skirt-board/

Natural wood accents will always be a beautiful addition to any design aesthetic. The designer of this staircase flawlessly paired the wood trim moulding, steps, newel posts, and railing with white walls, horizontal chrome round bars, and a touch of the outdoors.

With lots of natural lighting, this combination creates a fresh and warm atmosphere that anyone would be happy to call their own. There are so many ways to use trim moulding to enhance a staircase, and this is one of our absolute favorites.

Get Started with Stair Trim Moulding and Other Finishing Touches

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