14 Stunning Craftsman Style Window & Door Trim Ideas

May 5, 2021

By: The Finished Space

At the turn of the twentieth century, consumers were tired of the mass-produced elements featured in Victorian homes, and the Craftsman movement was born.

Craftsman-style homes are inspired by hand-crafted features. Unlike Victorian homes, Craftsman homes feature horizontal lines and take an artisanal approach to decoration. Built-in bookshelves, window seats, and exposed beams are standard.

Another key feature for Craftsman style homes is the thick trim. Craftsman style homes typically feature thick trim around the windows and doors. As a result, the interior trim choice is a crucial element to nailing this much-loved motif.  

If you’re looking for the perfect Craftsman trim for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Here are fourteen Craftsman style trim ideas to inspire your design:

1. Use a Bright Color for a Modern Craftsman Trim

Modern Crafsman Dining Room.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/craftsman-character/  Credit: https://www.houzz.com/photos/rustic-dining-room-rustic-dining-room-burlington-phvw-vp~2148698

The teal color on the wood window and door trim elevates this Craftsman-style dining room to new heights. The pop of color adds character and charm without distracting from the quality craftsmanship.

2. Choose a Thick Cream Trim for Traditional Charm

Cream Trim Hallway.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/tag/craftsman/ https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/modernize-a-traditional-home-with-trim/ 

White and off-whites are always a safe bet for traditional, Craftsman-style homes. The thick trim around the entryways looks beautiful with the matching shelving. In this space, the creamy trim helps balance this modern design to keep it equal parts traditional and contemporary.  

3. Make a Statement with Black Door Trim

Black door living room.jpeg

Credit: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/29631319?Credit_impression_id=p3_1617993343_43OR%2FoDyPK76jh0G 

This beautiful Craftsman-style living room marries modern architecture with contemporary design. The beautiful black door and trim draw the eye towards the wide-open windows, making the space feel spacious and inviting. While the color black isn’t usually associated with light and breezy, this delicate-handed design proves that black trim is a perfect way to make an elegant statement in a Craftsman-style interior.

4. Try Thin Trim to Emphasize the Horizontal Lines

Trim Open Dining Room.jpeg


Horizontal lines play an important role in Craftsman-style homes. The horizontal shiplap wall in the background immediately widens the space and plays with the horizontal line motif. Thick trim is usually the go-to for Craftsman-style homes, however this home uses thin trim to tie the motif together. The thin white trim widens the room and makes the space feel open and inviting, and allows the shiplap to take center stage.

5. Go Minimal with a Light Wood Grain Trim

Light Wood Grain Trim bathroom.jpeg


The wood trim here is a delightful choice. It makes this white bathroom feel cozy. The tub, chandelier, and hand-woven basket all feel upscale and artisanal. Paired with the wooden trim, this bathroom manages to balance Craftsman design features with subtle bohemian vibes for a relaxing final look.

6. Match the Trim with a Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling Room.jpeg

Credit: https://homestyle888.blogspot.com/2020/01/craftsman-style-home-interior-paint.html

This room has so many interesting elements. From the coffered ceiling to the square wooden tiles to the paned windows and more – this room nails its boxy motif. The choice to go with thick white trim that matches the coffered ceiling was the perfect way to tie this whole room together.

7. Lean into Wood

Wood Beams Craftsman Living Room.jpeg

Credit: https://artisanhardware.com/design-features-of-a-craftsman-style-home 

This living room features every element of Craftsman-style design. The fireplace, built-in shelves, exposed wooden beams, and natural wood are all the traditional hallmarks of a Craftsman-style interior. The wooden trim was the way to go in this home because sticking with the same wood grain for the windows helps bring this whole look together seamlessly.

8. Elevate Your Door Trim with an Architrave

Architrave with Door Trim Dining Room.png

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/10-inspiring-architraves/  Credit: https://www.atmosphereid.ca/#!/home

Why not go for a bit of extravagance in your Craftsman style home? This entryway is a real showstopper because the homeowners decided to go with paneled columns and a dramatic architrave instead of the traditional door trim. It was a bold choice for this office doorway, but it’s a decision that really works!

9. Keep it Simple



This living space is dreamy with its climbing rock fireplace and earthy tones. Rather than trying to draw the focus, sometimes it’s best to keep the door and window trim understated and straightforward. It was the ideal choice in this room – especially since all the windows have a unique geometric pattern.

10. Balance the Dark and the Light

Craftsman Entryway.jpeg

Credit: https://mccoyhomes.com/photo-gallery/modern-craftsman-the-landreth-2/ 

This entryway is a perfect example of how balancing light and dark colors can work well for a Craftsman-style home. The white trim and paneling as well as the soft color of the wall keep things light and bright. The deep wood grain of the floor, door, light fixture, and window trim help add some depth and deeper tones. It’s the perfect way to meld dark and light together in a Craftsman design.

11. Bring Nature Indoors

Natural Wood Craftsman Bedroom.jpeg

Credit: https://www.architectureartdesigns.com/15-marvelous-craftsman-bedroom-interior-designs-for-inspiration/ 

These days, home design is leaning towards minimalistic designs that feature natural elements. This bedroom effortlessly blends this new trend with traditional craftsman features. The light wood window trim matches the wood in the rest of the room. The wood has knots and imperfections that are only possible with raw wood. The huge windows allow plenty of natural light and serve as a focal point for this bedroom. The wooden trim around the windows draws the eye and takes this dreamy room’s cozy factor up a notch.

12. Bulk Up the Windows with Dramatic Window Trim

Window Trim Build Up.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/trick-trim/  Credit: https://sawdustgirl.com/how-to-trick-out-your-trim-molding-in-5-easy-steps/ 

This window was transformed from basic to breathtaking by stacking and layering moulding to achieve this incredible final look. Craftsman-style homes tend to honor hand-crafted elements. What’s more hand-crafted than DIY-ing a one-of-a-kind window trim?   

13. Use Varying Trim Widths

Trim Living Room.jpeg

Credit: https://h2obungalow.com/simple-diy-craftsman-style-window-trim-tutorial/ 

You don’t have to use the same width trim throughout your home. Instead, pair different trim widths around your windows and doors to help bring attention to the areas you want to highlight. For instance, the thin trim around the door allows the door’s window and wreath to pull focus. The thicker and varied trims around the window help add intrigue and draw the eyes to the large window, making the space feel larger and more open.

14. Mix it Up with Different Color Choices

Craftsman wooden sliding barn door.jpeg


Just like trim width, you don’t always have to go with the same color for your home’s trim. These homeowners used thick white trim on most of their windows and doors but decided to go with a wooden trim around their barn door. It was the perfect choice to bring even more attention to the sliding barn door. In this way, they managed to highlight the most artisanal element in their space.

If you still aren’t sure which Craftsman-style trim is right for your design, try Option {M}. There’s a quick quiz that helps homeowners match with their ideal design style and finishing touches. Head to our inspiration gallery today for more ideas for all of your finishing touches.