The Art of Modern Door Frame Moulding: 17 Inspirations for Your Home

April 17, 2023

By: The Finished Space

The Art of Modern Door Frame Moulding: 17 Inspirations for Your Home

Every guest that walks into your home uses at least one door. Somehow, they are still an often overlooked and underappreciated design element, and frankly, it’s a missed opportunity.


Door frames don’t have to be neglected. In fact, if you put a little effort into highlighting your door frames, it can be beneficial. Door frame molding can enhance your overall design aesthetic without taking up space, and it can define your doorways, cover gaps and imperfections, and protect your entryways. Plus, it’s easy to customize and install, which makes it a home designer’s dream feature.

17 Door Frame Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are seventeen unique door frame designs to inspire your next home improvement project:

1. Light and Airy


The designer of this bedroom understood the importance of matching the door frame to the molding and trim to create a seamless design aesthetic that is both light and airy.

2. Rustic and Chic


This room had built-in shelves that didn’t need anything loud or fussy to mess with the rustic charm. The designer used a simple door frame silhouette that allows the décor to truly shine.

3. Spotlight Perfection


The door frame in this image perfectly matches the wall color, which ties really well into the overall design of the kitchen backsplash and cabinets. Plus, we love it when home designers put spotlights in their entryways.

4. Creating Contrast

Masonite - Logan - White Two Panel Door in Bathroom

In a darker bathroom like this all-grey masterpiece, it’s smart to use your molding and trim to create contrast, which is exactly what this designer chose to do.

5. Clean Lines


Door frames are meant to be understated, which is why this chic entryway uses clean lines to create a simple but elegant doorway.

6. Opulent Pantries


Notice how the door frame perfectly frames the entryway, calling back to a more classic design style that really captures nostalgia in a way that is difficult to describe. It’s the ideal door frame for any kitchen pantry!

7. Simple and Elegant

Masonite - Riverside - Glass Panel Door

Sometimes, less is more. That’s certainly the case with this simple door frame, which perfectly matches the baseboards and furniture without stealing focus. We especially love how much contrast the door frame creates next to the soft brown walls.

8. Intricate and Sophisticated


We’re suckers for opulent design elements, and this golden door frame is intricately crafted, sophisticated, and perfectly matches the luxurious interior décor. We also love the little touches of the unique chair rail and the gold picture frame.

9. Complex Designs


We love it when people use our more intricate and complex door frame designs because they pair perfectly with understated designs like this one. The animal motif makes you feel like you’re in another world, but the elegant door frame makes it feel like home.

10. Gorgeous Entryways


There are so many doors inside a home, but the door is the one that leads into the entryway from the exterior. It’s where people come into the dwelling and their first exposure to the interior and its design qualities and ambiance, so it should always be well thought out and perfectly designed. In this marvelous example, dark wood has been chosen for the entryway door, encapsulated in the same white moulding that continues through the entryway. In this way, the most special door is visualized aesthetically, and integrated into the remainder of the interior design with thoughtful door frame moulding.

11. Modern and Cozy

Masonite Modern Door Lincon Park

The trick with the modern aesthetic in residential design is to make sure you aren’t forgetting that it’s a residence, and a residence means comfort and cozy. Stark and dark color schemes and concrete left to their own doesn’t inspire much coziness, but this is a great example how a modern aesthetic can play really well in the residential space.

The keystone here is the wood-colored door frame moulding as it modulates the dark slate blue walls. One one wall we have solid slate blue to match the door, while the brown molding eases the connection of the door to the also slate blue but applied in a different texture. This intelligent combination of colors, textures, and materials, paired with the always comforting stone accent wall, creates a wonderful merger of modern and cozy.

12. Simple and Chic


This bathroom door frame combines simple elegance with depth and shadows to create a perfect frame around the three-paneled door. It’s also the perfect color to pair with the soft seafoam blue walls.

13. Embracing Woodgrain

Masonite 4 Panel Square Smooth Moulded Panel Door

Natural hardwood is a classic and luxurious design element that will never go out of style. That’s why we absolutely love it when designers embrace woodgrain in their modern, chic designs.

14. Keeping it Fun

Masonite - Chalkboard Door - Bedroom

This image is the perfect example of using your entryway to create a fun environment for your children’s bedroom. The simple white door frame is the ideal complement to the fun and exciting décor.

15. Elegant and Timeless

Masonite 2 Panel Roman Moulded Door

This is an intriguing way to better incorporate your door when positioned such in a living room. Moulding on either side of the fireplace helps with continuity when needing to make the door less prominent. The door frame moulding itself blends in with the wall moulding, completing the aesthetic.

16. Highlighting Contrast

Masonite - Flush - Gray Bathroom

We love wall panels, like any other interior design company, but the true standout design element in this bathroom is the door frame. It’s the perfect color for this design story, and the simplicity of the molding really makes it shine.

17. Classic and Beautiful

Masonite 4 Panel Square Smooth Moulded Panel Door_INP

In this example, a great visual test is presented to see the power of door frame moulding. Look at the kitchen and imagine if the door frame moulding were removed. The door would stick out like a sore thumb! Not only adding door frame moulding but color matching it with the rest of the kitchen’s moulding brings the aesthetic all together.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Door Frames?

If you’re in the market for gorgeous door frames that perfectly match your interior design aesthetic, you’ve come to the perfect place. At Metrie, we specialize in expert-level craftsmanship for all our trim and molding products and industry-defining customer service.