Trimming it Right: Top Picks for Bathroom Baseboards

September 11, 2023

By: The Finished Space

Imagine walking into a bathroom and being captivated by its sleek finish—where every detail complements the next. If you’d like to accomplish this in your own space, look no further than baseboards. Baseboards might not be the first feature you think of when you’re trying to unify your design aesthetic, but they’re a design cornerstone that packs a substantial punch when it comes to design consistency. Let’s dive into why the best baseboards for bathrooms aren’t just a detail, but a necessity for the modern home.

What Are Baseboards?

Baseboards are the unsung heroes of home design that run along the intersection where your walls meet the floor. They protect the walls from moving furniture, bumps, and scrapes. In the bathroom, they protect from water damage and high levels of humidity, all while adding a touch of elegance.

They’ve been in use for centuries, and the reason they’re still being used today is pretty obvious. Of course, you can’t just throw any baseboards onto your walls and call it good. By using the right baseboards, you can elevate your bathroom from functional to fabulous!

Why You Should Install Baseboards in Your Bathrooms

When fine-tuning the details of your bathroom design, baseboards stand out as an essential feature. They might be a little out of sight, but they’re pivotal to maintaining the design aesthetic of your space. Here’s why you should consider installing them in your bathroom:


Baseboards are a strong barrier that protects the delicate edges where your walls meet the floors. They are specifically designed to withstand the high humidity and traffic of bathroom environments, and to help ensure that your space remains pristine year after year.


Think of baseboards as the finishing stroke of elegance in your bathroom’s design canvas. With a variety of designs to choose from, they can either blend seamlessly with your aesthetic or become a statement piece that captures the eye without distracting from your overall design.


The practicality of baseboards goes beyond looks. They also create a seal that keeps out dust and makes cleaning a breeze. This not only aids in maintaining a hygienic environment, but also reduces the time you spend on maintenance.


Installing quality baseboards can significantly increase the value of your property. They are a sign of thoughtful craftsmanship that future buyers or tenants will appreciate, and will ensure your bathroom stands out in both durability and design.

4 Bathroom Baseboard Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Your bathroom deserves more than a standard finish. Baseboards come in a variety of styles and materials, each able to set the tone for your space. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary vibe or a traditional aura, there’s a design that fits your vision perfectly. Here are four beautiful bathroom baseboard designs to help inspire your next project!

1. Classic Elegance

Pink Trim Bathroom - After

This bathroom exudes timeless grace, anchored by the beautiful white baseboards that underscore the room’s delicate design palette. The baseboards are intricately detailed to provide a seamless transition from the soft white walls to the grey flooring, framing the space with sophistication.

Notice how the baseboards perfectly complement the clawfoot tub and pedestal sinks that reinforce the bathroom’s classic charm while promising durability against everyday splashes. This is definitely the kind of design you want for your home!

2. Minimalist Chic

Bathroom_IMG 4952

In this image, the baseboards adopt a subtler role with a sleek and simple profile that embodies the minimalist design. The clean lines of the baseboard draw a soft boundary around the bathroom, for a crisp contrast to the textured floor and to enhance the modern glass shower. Their unassuming elegance is a testament to the design philosophy that less is more, to create a bathroom that feels open and airy.

3. Modern Farmhouse Flair

For Blog Only - Lily Ann Cabinets - Shiplap Bathroom

In this image, the baseboards bridge the gap between the charm of the flooring and the modern simplicity of the walls. The stark white baseboards against the patterned floor create a dynamic visual line that feels both fresh and familiar. Plus, these baseboards not only protect the walls, they also serve as a subtle nod to the farmhouse aesthetic, by perfectly complementing the shiplap walls and industrial black fixtures.

4. Neoclassical Nuance

For Blog Only - Trim and Interior Doors - Bathroom

Paper Daisy Design

The baseboards in this luxurious bathroom are a triumph of neoclassical design, with their bold profiles and elegant trims that add beautiful architectural interest. They wrap the room in a continuous flow, to enhance the cohesion between the stone floor and the soft gray walls.

The baseboards’ stature and detail are a perfect match for the luxury of the vanity and the ornate chandelier, which creates a space that feels both expansive and refined. The simple design perfectly mirrors the paneled trim used throughout the room.

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Your bathroom’s design is a testament to your style and attention to detail. If you’re looking for proven ways to enhance your bathroom design, Metrie offers the highest quality baseboards on the market that promise durability and style. Our vast selection of baseboards complements any aesthetic, to help ensure that your bathroom isn’t just designed, but crafted to perfection.

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