From Top to Bottom: Unleashing the Power of Ceiling Moulding

December 4, 2023

By: The Finished Space

Have you ever looked at your ceiling and thought, “My ceiling really deserves an upgrade?” If so, you’re not alone. We like to think of the ceiling as the fifth wall of your home that is just waiting for you to express your style, and with the right ceiling trim and moulding ideas, that’s totally possible!

Why You Should Consider Installing Ceiling Trim and Moulding in Your Home

Ceiling trim and moulding are the perfect addition if you’re looking for a subtle wow factor that doesn’t pull focus but adds a lot of dimension. It’s about more than just aesthetics. Trim and moulding allow you to create a finished look, elevate your design aesthetic, and increase the overall value of your home.

From farmhouse ceiling trim ideas to modern ceiling moulding ideas, there’s trim and moulding for every home’s character and every homeowner’s budget. The best part? Trim and moulding are super easy to handle and install, so this is a project that even the most amateur DIYer can accomplish.

7 Ways to Use Ceiling Trim and Moulding

Think of your ceiling as a canvas—a blank space just brimming with potential, but where do you begin? Ceiling trim and moulding are the brushstrokes that can turn that blank canvas into a masterpiece. Here are seven ingenious ceiling trim and moulding ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.

1. Crown Moulding Ceiling Ideas: Crown moulding is the queen of ceiling trim that creates a classic look that borders on regal.

2. Tray Ceiling Trim Ideas: Give your dining area or primary bedroom a luxurious touch with the depth and dimension of tray ceiling moulding.

3. Vaulted Ceiling Trim Ideas: Do you have a vaulted ceiling? Highlight its architecture with moulding that complements its grandeur.

4. Shiplap Ceiling Trim Ideas: Shiplap isn’t just for walls. You can elevate your cozy farmhouse feel with shiplap ceiling trim.

5. Kitchen Ceiling Moulding Ideas: Frame your culinary space with trim that’s as sleek and stylish as your taste in cuisine.

6. Bathroom Ceiling Trim Ideas: Most moulding is moisture-resistant and can elevate even the smallest space, including your bathrooms.

7. Simple Ceiling Trim Ideas: Sometimes, less is more. A simple trim can provide a clean, modern look that speaks volumes about your sense of style.

6 Beautiful Ceiling Trim and Moulding Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

Are you looking for some design inspiration from the best designers in the world? Well, prepare to be inspired! From the effortlessly elegant to the daringly dramatic, here are six gorgeous ceiling trim and moulding designs to help inspire your next creation:

1. Simple and Elegant


This image showcases a chic industrial loft where the ceiling trim and moulding are understated yet refined, by framing the room with a clean, modern edge that complements the exposed brick and large windows. This minimalist approach to ceiling trim works perfectly with the room’s contemporary aesthetic, to add a structured yet unobtrusive border that enhances the space’s open and airy feel.

2. Intricate Geometry

For Blog Only - Karin Bohn, House of Bohn - Honeycomb Coffered Ceiling Kitchen Angle

This elegant kitchen has an intricately patterned coffered ceiling design, where the white trim and moulding add depth and grandeur to the bright, airy space. This geometric ceiling detailing works beautifully with the room’s clean lines, white cabinetry, and natural light to enhance the kitchen’s luxurious and expansive feel.

3. Matching Wood Colored Moulding with Wooden Beams

shiplap ceiling studio mcgee ranch house


In this image, the warm, natural wood ceiling trim and exposed beams effortlessly complement the hallway’s rustic charm, and they integrate seamlessly with the space’s earthy tones and textures. The ceiling’s design also creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere that blends modern, clean lines and traditional country elements, balanced by beautiful dark wood cabinetry and moulding.

4. Create a Focal Point

Black Ceiling with Trim.jpeg


This coffered ceiling with geometric trim adds a sophisticated and structured design element to the room, and is painted in a contrasting color to create a bold statement. This architectural detail pairs elegantly with the room’s otherwise simple decor to create a focal point that enhances the space’s modern yet classic ambiance without distracting from the coziness and simplicity of the room.

5. Luxury and Grandeur

For Blog Only - Classic Cottages LLC - Empty Open Coffered Ceiling Living Room


This spacious living room has a vast coffered ceiling that features white trim and moulding that enrich the space’s architectural feel, by drawing the eye upward and echoing the room’s elegant, clean lines. This ceiling design complements the traditional hardwood flooring and built-in cabinetry to help create a harmonious and luxurious interior space.

6. Highlighting Features



This image shows what’s possible when you combine the simple beauty of trim and moulding with modern technology in the lighting features. The expansive kitchen has a luxurious, multi-level ceiling trimmed in white, which adds depth and sophistication to the space and that enhances the kitchen’s bright and airy feel while also providing lots of natural and futuristic lighting.

Elevate Your Home’s Ceiling with Trim and Moulding from Metrie

Complete your home’s design with the perfect finishing touch from Metrie. With an array of styles, from the understated to the extravagant, our selection of ceiling trim and moulding products is your ticket to an elevated design aesthetic that truly reflects your unique taste. Contact us today to learn more! Looking for more inspiration? Check out The Finished Space to see what’s possible with trim and moulding.