Dark Interior Doors with White Trim: Styling Ideas

April 1, 2024

By: The Finished Space

Option M - Urban Loft - Living Room - Alternate Door - 2021

Are you thinking about installing dark interior doors with white trim in your home but aren’t sure how to get started? 

This stylish color pairing is the perfect way to add visual interest to your entryway while simultaneously highlighting your architectural structure.

Need more proof? 

Let’s take a closer look at some beautiful dark-stained interior doors with white trim to inspire your next renovation project.

10 Dark Interior Doors With White Trim Design Ideas

Whether you’re renovating your home or just looking for a fresh update, installing dark interior doors with white trim is a chic and timeless approach to interior design. Here are ten gorgeous examples.

1. Green Kitchen Door With White Trim

MPS-LV-Kitchen-Paradise-bty (1)

In this warm and inviting kitchen, your eyes are immediately drawn to the lush green door framed by white trim. The door’s rich hue perfectly balances the light wood floors and soft, neutral cabinets, while the white trim draws a link to the countertops and kitchen island. The use of color and texture in this kitchen is so clever that we had to include it first on our list.

2. Dark Gray Bedrooms Doors With White Trim

image6- Gray three panel doors

This beautiful bedroom effortlessly blends contemporary design and classic sensibilities with dark gray interior doors with white trim. This minimalist color palette, paired with the warm wood tones in the furniture, adds an element of richness to the room and makes the entire place feel more inviting. We also love the chic minimal décor and the panel trim used to create a picture rail along the walls.

3. Charcoal Kitchen Door With White Trim


This open-concept kitchen and living space exudes a bright and airy elegance, and the dark interior door with white trim adds a sophisticated and contemporary edge to the room’s predominantly white palette. The door’s sleek design with fogged windows creates the illusion of additional space without feeling like something is missing. And the white trim blends perfectly into the kitchen décor, which makes the door stand out even more.

4. Earth-Toned Dining Room Door With White Trim

Three Panel Door Dining Room

At Metrie, we’re big fans of earth tones, so we love to see rooms where this color palette is at the center. This dining room’s design is a harmonious blend of warmth and style, featuring a dark green interior door with white trim that both contrasts and complements the soft olive walls and rich hardwood floors. This thoughtful color scheme brings an element of modern sophistication, while the white trim adds a touch of brightness.

5. Navy Closet Door With White Trim

About Interior Doors - Wood - Louvers

This quaint little space is practically defined by the bold dark blue interior door with white trim, offering a contemporary twist that really informs the rest of the design. The minimalist décor and furniture allow the door to shine, pulling your attention to the pop of color that so perfectly exemplifies the minimal aesthetic.

6. Gray Living Room Door With White Trim

Masonite - Logan - Gray Door in Blue Room

Is this the most serene room you’ve ever seen? The gray interior door with white trim creates a subtle contrast against the soft blue walls, but nothing here is loud – and that’s on purpose. This is a very meticulous design, using colors and furniture minimally to create a pristine, welcoming aesthetic that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

7. Gray Dining Room Door With White Trim

For Blog Only - Stock Photo, No Credits - Dining Room Table

In this classically inspired dining room, the dark gray interior door with white trim offers an elegant counterpoint to the rich wooden flooring and furniture, adding a touch of the contemporary in an otherwise classically styled room. We especially adore the simple black accents and moulding used on the walls to create elegant patterns that add visual interest without pulling focus.

8. Dark Gray Bedroom Door With White Trim


This bedroom features another dark grey interior door with white trim, adding a sophisticated element to the room that pairs perfectly with the color of the bedding. This is the perfect complement to a room with extra large windows, adding contrast to that transparency and making the room feel more grounded and private despite the openness.

9. Mauve Bathroom Door With White Trim

Masonite - Two Panel Arch Top Door - Gray Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom doors, there is no limit to what you can do, and too many homeowners and designers forget that. Here’s picture-perfect proof that it can be done, and when it’s done well, it shines. The designer of this bathroom created a soft-hued bathroom with a mauve interior door with white trim, white tiles, and white counters that feel welcoming, bright, and extremely clean, which is exactly what you want in your bathroom space.

10. Dark Red Entryway Closet Door With White Trim

Masonite - Winslow - Red Door in Entrance

This entryway has a lot going on, but somehow, your eye is still drawn to the beautiful dark red interior door with white trim. Even next to the wooden staircase, elegant stair railing, and private nook, the door still pulls a lot of focus. That’s the power of using dark interior doors with white trim. You create just the right amount of contrast, and it can make your entire design pop!

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