How to Measure for Crown Moulding: Size, Angles & Corners

July 3, 2023

By: The Finished Space

How to Measure for Crown Molding: Size, Angles & Corners

In the world of interior design, there are few elements as timeless and transformative as crown moulding. It is a testament to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and architectural brilliance. So, whether you’re a homeowner looking to elevate your living space, a designer seeking to add depth and character to a project, or a developer aiming to increase your property’s value, crown moulding is your new best friend.

Where do you start? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the rich history of crown moulding, its multifaceted benefits, and a step-by-step approach to measuring and choosing the perfect trim for your space. Let’s get started!

What is Crown Moulding?

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Crown moulding is more than a decorative tool. Originally, it was an architectural element designed to create transitions between walls and ceilings, to remove sharp angles and provide a pleasing transition. Over time, it transformed into an art form. From simple, sleek designs to intricate patterns, crown moulding has evolved to become a hallmark of luxury interior design.

While its historical roots trace back to ancient civilizations, today’s crown moulding has adapted to fit many interior styles. So, whether you’re working with a Victorian-style home or something more sleek and modern, there’s a moulding style for every taste.

The Benefits of Crown Moulding

The beauty of crown moulding is undeniable, but it provides more than just aesthetic appeal. It elevates interiors, and adds perceived value to homes and commercial spaces. When you walk into a room with crown moulding, there’s an immediate sense of sophistication and attention to detail.

In addition to the aesthetics, crown moulding also has practical benefits. It can hide imperfections where walls meet ceilings in order to provide a clean, finished look. If you’re considering selling your home at some point, decorative moulding can boost your property value, and make your space more attractive to potential buyers.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring Crown Moulding


Embarking on a crown moulding project can feel like a daunting task. The intricate designs, intimidating corners, and the ever-present fear of making the wrong cut!

Don’t worry, with the right guidance, measuring your crown moulding can be a straightforward and even enjoyable process. In the following steps, we’ll break down the essentials of measuring crown moulding in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process:

Step 1: Understanding the Basics

Before you start measuring, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your space. With a reliable tape measure in hand, measure the length of your walls. By getting a clear sense of your room’s dimensions, you can help to ensure a more accurate installation.

The next task is preparing your tools. The right tools, like a sharp pencil for marking and a sturdy ladder, can make the difference between a smooth process and a frustrating one. Be sure you’re set up for success from the start.

Step 2: Tackle The Corners

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Corners, especially the insides, often intimidate first-timers. When figuring out how to measure and cut crown moulding inside corners, precision tools are your allies. An angle finder or protractor will be invaluable, and it will allow you to find exact angles and ensure a snug fit. Once you’ve taken your measurements, be sure to record them accurately and keep them on hand when you begin the installation.

Step 3: Precision Cutting

Accuracy in cutting is a pivotal step in the installation process. Once you have verified the measurements, you have to know what to do with them. The age-old adage “measure twice, cut once” rings especially true here.

By being meticulous in your measurements, you can save both time and materials. Especially when you’re trying to figure out how to measure wall angles for crown moulding, you might create a cardboard template for guidance, which can help guide your cuts, to ensure that they fit perfectly every time.

Step 4: Explore Design Opportunities

Many think of crown moulding as a ceiling feature, but its applications are pretty vast. You can place moulding on cabinets, doorways, fireplaces, kitchen islands, and more! The versatility of crown moulding allows for a wide array of design opportunities, so use this as an opportunity to get creative!

Step 5: Choose Your Style with Metrie

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With the right knowledge and tools, adding crown moulding to your space can be both fun and rewarding. This timeless decorative element, combined with precise measurements and a touch of creativity, can breathe new life into any room. Now that you have all your measurements ready, it’s time to select the perfect moulding for your home.

Fortunately, at Metrie, we have everything you could possibly need to get the job done right the first time. Dive into our extensive prefinished trim and crown moulding collection to see what might work in your home. Our vast range of products caters to diverse tastes, to help ensure that homeowners, designers, and developers find their perfect match no matter their design aesthetic.

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