Update the Whole Exterior With One Trick: 12 Modern Front Door Ideas

January 22, 2024

By: The Finished Space

The front door isn’t just a portal to your home, it’s the immediate impression your home gives to the world. If your front door feels like it’s from a completely outdated design era, it might be time to look at giving it a contemporary overhaul. Here’s a complete guide to choosing a new front door for your home, including reasons why you should, and some innovative design ideas.

Reasons to Modernize Your Front Door

Despite what you might think, replacing your door could do wonders for your home’s exterior design aesthetic. Here are several reasons you should consider modernizing your front door:

Modern Charm

A sleek, modern door can instantly elevate the appearance of your home. Consider it a touch of modern art for your home exterior. Picking the right design, material, and color can seamlessly integrate your door into the modern aesthetic of your home, and make it stand out in the neighborhood.

Vast Design Choices

Our collection at Metrie is teeming with interesting and innovative door designs that cater to modern sensibilities. Whether you lean towards sleek and minimalist or favor a sophisticated wooden finish, we’ve got you covered.

Enhanced Security and Noise Reduction

Modern doors aren’t just about looks. They also offer superior protection against external factors like people, insects, inclement weather, and noise. In fact, if you opt for a solid-core door, you can add soundproofing to its list of benefits. Contemporary doors are made stronger, insulate better, and provide a tight seal against the weather.

The Ideal Final Touch

Think of it like updating your wardrobe. A fresh, modern door can redefine your home’s external personality, to make it look chic and inviting.

12 Innovative Front Door Design Ideas for a Contemporary Touch

Your front door is a style statement that subtly conveys the essence of your design aesthetic to anyone who passes through it or sees it from the curb. If you’re seriously considering modernizing your door but need some inspiration, here are twelve innovative design ideas to inspire your modern home makeover:

1. Modern But Classic

Exterior door mahogany with glass

This front door perfectly blends modern and classic design sensibilities. The beautiful wood grain brings in that touch of nature, while the darkened glass gives it a modern touch. Plus, the contrast between the door and the exterior is beautiful.

2. Contrasting Colors

Exterior door- Black double door with glass

This is a perfect example of what your home could look like if you embrace contrasting colors. The modern, black double doors in this image create a breathtaking contrast to the white exterior. Plus, they perfectly match the black window frames.

3. Matching Double Doors

Exterior Door- White door door

If changing out one door isn’t enough, why not change out all the doors in your home? This home is an ideal example of matching your exterior aesthetics, by using the same double doors on both exterior entryways to create a stunning overall design.

4. Embracing Windows

Exterior Door- Gray four panel door with glass

We love a good modern door design with multiple windows, and this home does that to perfection! The fogged windows in the door are the ideal complement to the home’s greenish exterior windows, but the door still retains its own unique element.

5. Shabby Chic

Exterior Door-Hemlock doubrl door with glass

There’s nothing quite like the shabby chic design aesthetic to keep your home fresh and beautiful, and that should extend to your door. This home has gorgeous wood grain double doors that create the perfect finishing touch to this interior design.

6. Creating Luxury

Exterior Door- Maple Double door

Before you even step foot inside this home, you know it’s going to be super chic and luxurious. That’s the true power of a modern front door. Plus, you can never go wrong with beautifully stained double doors.

7. Highlighting Your Design Features

Exterior Door- Black door

Here’s another example of using a contrasting color for your modern front door, but this one utilizes a different style than the others. It’s more traditional with the square windows at the top, which offer natural light without revealing the entire home to people outside.

8. Cozy Cottages

Exterior door-Lightbrown door with glass

This home has the picturesque look of a modern suburban cottage. Everything is absolutely perfect, down to the stone exterior columns, the large windows, and the beautifully crafted wooden front door.

9. Mirrored Reflections

Exterior Door- Timber gray door with glass

You can always choose a front door with many windows, but that doesn’t mean it has to reveal what’s happening inside. If you choose a door with mirrored reflections, you get the benefit of lots of natural lighting and additional privacy from people driving by on the street.

10. Simple Elegance

Exterior door- Timber gray door

Your new door doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful, and here’s proof! This simple yet chic modern door adds the perfect color balance to this home’s exterior, that draws attention without stealing focus.

11. Bright Colors

exterior door- yellow door

We’re huge fans of modern front doors that make a statement, and there’s nothing quite as loud as a bright yellow front door! When paired with matching colors along the garden walls and natural wood grain floors, you get the perfect color story.

12. Mixing Materials

Exterior Door- Knotty Early American light door

You might not think that a natural wood grain front door could be seamlessly paired with a multi-colored brick exterior, but here’s proof that it works! Not only does it work, it’s one of the most luxurious modern door designs on this list!

Step Into the Future with a Modern Front Door

Your front door is a reflection of your home’s design style and your own modern taste. It’s the essence of how you welcome the world into your home. With the right design and materials, it can become a statement piece that draws admiration from everyone who sees it. Why stick with the past when you can embrace the future? Dive into our expansive collection of both exterior and interior doors. Reach out to us today, and let’s make your vision come to life!