5 Inspiring Window Trim and Moulding Designs

December 25, 2023

By: The Finished Space

Are your windows feeling a bit underdressed compared to the rest of your home? Imagine giving them a makeover that not only complements your interior style, but also turns the heads of everyone you invite into your home. With the right window trim and moulding, your windows can do more than let in light – they can illuminate your interior design skills and make your home feel aesthetically complete.

What is Window Trim and Moulding?

Think of window trim and moulding as the picture frames of your home’s interior landscape. They provide structure, style, and a finishing touch that can harmonize with your home’s architecture. They present the perfect opportunity to showcase your design flair and attention to detail.

Identifying the Different Parts of a Window

Before we dive deep into how trim and moulding can impact your window’s design aesthetic, let’s take a moment to get familiar with the basic parts of a window:

Frame: The frame consists of the jamb (sides and header) and sill. It’s often made of materials like wood, aluminum, or PVC, and it holds all other parts of the window together.

Sash: A sash is a movable frame that holds the glass. In modern windows, the sash may tilt or slide to open, which can alter the window’s functionality in a new, cool way.

Glass Pane: The glass pane is the transparent part of the window. It can be a single, double, or triple layer for insulation.

Stool and Apron: The stool is the interior ledge at the bottom of the window, while the apron is a decorative trim piece installed beneath the stool.

Jamb: The jamb is the vertical sides of the frame that provide support, structure, and extra sealing for the window.

Window Sill: Often overlooked, the window sill acts as a stylistic foundation for the whole window design that gives you a space to add flare or design pieces that deserve some extra attention. It's also the component that forms the bottom of the window frame.

Trim and Moulding: This is the collective term for all the moulding pieces that frame the window to create a unified look that makes your window really stand out.

The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Window Trim and Moulding

Exterior trim is the armor against the elements that is crafted to seal and protect, while interior trim is made for beauty and to add to your interior design aesthetic. Both applications are super essential for designing your home, but while the materials and designs may overlap, their functions are tailored to their environments.

5 Beautiful Window Trim and Moulding Designs

From the minimalist to the ornate, window trim and moulding can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Here are five window trim and moulding design ideas to help inspire your next design project:

1. Add Flair to Your Window Seats

Seating Bay window Sill.jpeg

The elegant window trim and moulding in this image perfectly exemplify how subtle architectural details can enhance a room’s aesthetic. The broad, flat profile of the trim brings a modern yet timeless appeal that frames the windows with clean lines to echo the room’s serene and welcoming ambiance.

This design choice highlights the window as a focal point and complements the cozy window seat, which creates an inviting nook that makes you want to sit and enjoy the view.

2. Create a Beautiful Contrast

Large Oak Room

The rich, dark-stained wood trim and moulding in this image immediately draw the eye with a striking contrast to the soft green walls and bright snowy landscape outside. The intricate detailing of the moulding around the windows and along the wainscoting add a sense of grandeur and elegance to the room, which carries into the chair rail and ceiling design.

3. Embrace Contemporary Chic and Nature

white ceiling office

In this image, the sleek black window trim and moulding create a bold frame for the large windows to add a contemporary edge to the room’s design. The clean lines and dark hue of the trim provide a striking contrast against the light walls that enhances the room’s modern aesthetic and draws the outdoors in.

This minimalist approach creates a seamless integration of the natural surroundings into the interior space by highlighting the windows as key architectural features within the room’s overall design.

4. Combine Coziness with Minimal Décor 

Window Nook

The simple yet elegant white window trim creates a fresh and clean look that complements the cozy nook and enhances the feeling of comfort and tranquility. The subtle design of the trim matches the room’s minimalist aesthetic that lets the lush greenery outside act as a natural focal point. It makes this the perfect spot to sit and read a book or take an afternoon nap.

5. Highlight Windows, No Matter Their Location

Metrie Complete - Shiplap - Stairway Angle

The classic white window trim in this stairwell harmonizes beautifully with the crisp shiplap walls and the elegant, traditional staircase in order to create a cohesive and inviting entryway. The clean lines and bright white finish of the trim enhance the natural light pouring in from the window to make the space feel more airy and spacious.

Update Your Window Trim and Moulding with Metrie

Your windows don’t have to be simple or plain. With trim and moulding from Metrie, you can elevate your window’s aesthetic and watch your rooms come alive with style and sophistication.  Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more!