8 Entryway Moulding Design Ideas

June 16, 2021

By: The Finished Space

There are plenty of ways to use moulding and trim to create intricate and beautiful designs in your home. The entryway is an excellent place to focus on because it’s the first area guests see when they enter your home.

Need some inspiration? Here are eight entryway moulding design ideas to inspire your design:

1. Highlight Your Statement Pieces

Brown Wooden Door Entryway.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/metrie-masters-on-entryways-doorways/ Credit: https://www.sarahgallop.com/ 

The classic moulding design used in this luxurious entryway is meant to accentuate the intense presence of the dark oak door. The embedded, texturized glass windows let in a lot of natural light while maintaining a moderate level of privacy.

The white casing that encompasses this entryway blends perfectly into the modern baseboards. They’ve cleverly utilized paneling along the side of the staircase, and a thick strip of moulding a foot above the doorway to differentiate between the first and second floors. This entryway is a masterful example of a moulding design that highlights the statement pieces in the room without pulling focus.

2. Pair Traditional Moulding with Industrial Fixtures

White Door and Moulding Entryway.jpeg


There are several exquisite design choices featured in this entryway that put it right at the top of this list. This entryway has a modern and elegant style, pairing traditional white moulding with an industrial aesthetic. The warm brass in the light fixture, the geometrical lamp, the hardware, and the metal entryway table are allowed to shine, which is the ultimate goal of this minimal design. 

The moulding highlight in this design is the chair rail. This choice makes the entryway feel inviting while maintaining a high level of sophistication. 

3. Create Contrast with Black Ceilings and White Moulding

Black Shiplap Ceiling Mudroom.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/shiplap-ceiling/ Credit: https://www.sophieburkedesign.com/#/west-point-grey-residence-2/ 

The black shiplap ceilings and matching tiled floors in this modern entryway create a stark and beautiful contrast to the white built-ins and classic moulding. The glass door and casement window generate a ton of natural light.

The moulding design element here is simple but effective. It encases the door and the window like a picture frame, almost like it’s putting the outdoors on display. Notice the small garden and cement staircase located just outside. Thanks to the openness of this entryway, the outdoors becomes an essential part of the design aesthetic. 

4. Redefine Luxury with Entryway Columns and Large Windows

Entryway and Dining Room.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/metrie-masters-on-entryways-doorways/ https://waynehomes.com/

It doesn’t take a design expert or professional builder to see the heightened level of luxury and sophistication in this entryway design. If you’re trying to make a stellar first impression, this is the way to do it. 

The arched shape of the half-circle window above the door creates a shape similar to the Sun on the horizon. It also serves a similar purpose by letting in a ton of natural light. The real showstopper is in the two columns to the left and right of the doorway. These exquisite features blend perfectly into the moulding design along the support beams and complement the trim around the windows. 

5. Immediately Capture Your Guest’s Attention 

Shiplap Ceiling Hallway.jpeg

https://metrie.com/thefinishedspace/eyes-designer-amanda-forrest-3/ Credit: https://www.houzz.com/photos/front-door-and-entry-hall-traditional-hall-orange-county-phvw-vp~171689 

We’ve seen a lot of pictures from a homeowner’s perspective. So, why not focus a little on what the guest sees when they walk in? That’s a part of the entryway design process that many people miss. You want your guests to feel inspired and awed as soon as they walk into your home, and that’s precisely what’s accomplished in this stunning design.

The shiplap panels and light fixtures are beautifully encased by moulding. This was a wise decision because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It pulls your focus upward almost immediately, allowing guests to scan the room from top to bottom. This design choice is loud and proud without being noisy and distracting.

6. Use Fun Colors to Create a Delightful and Warm Environment

Yellow and Blue Two Toned Entryway.jpeg


Who doesn’t love an entryway that is bright, colorful, and exuberant? The powder blue moulding is a delightful complement to the mellow yellow walls. Paired with the simplicity of the metallic décor and the curved, wooden door, this entryway has one of the most welcoming designs on this list.

The design has taken their moulding design a step further by attaching equidistant knobs for guests and family members to hang their belongings as soon as they walk in. They also kept this strong aesthetic on the bottom half of the wall, utilizing thin moulding to create a series of stylish panels.

7. Choose Elegance and Luxury Over Flash

Elegent Glass Door Entryway.jpeg


This entryway design incorporates elegant styling with opulent French doors fitted with glass panels to create an awe-inspiring look that will stun guests. The centerpiece of the foyer is delicate and beautiful. We absolutely love the use of chrome in the hardware and plant holder.

The moulding designs here are simple, classic, and incredibly effective at allowing your attention to naturally flow to the statement pieces. The white was also a perfect color choice, as it creates an optimal contrast with the chocolate-toned doors and wallpaper in the adjoining sitting room. 

8. Create Flair with Woodgrain and Industrial Hardware

Stairwell and Bench Entryway.jpeg


The tricks utilized in this entryway design are intricate and downright breathtaking. This designer paired a cozy aesthetic with several pieces that create outstanding contrast. The black bench pairs flawlessly with the industrial, metallic windows and hardware.

The moulding design in this entryway is classic white, allowing the woodgrain of the stairs and railing to create a touch of flair. There’s also a strip of moulding along the side of the staircase, creating a line to match the ascension of the steps. To complete the design, there’s beautiful trim along the ceiling, creating an interesting, curved effect on the walls. 

Maximize Your Entryway with Intricate Moulding Designs

If you’re interested in sprucing up your design aesthetic in your entryway but aren’t sure how to get started, check out Metrie’s Option {M}. There is an incredible, easy to use resource that will help you determine the moulding and trim that pairs best with your design aesthetic.