5 Grey Shiplap Wall Design Ideas and Where to Buy Them

October 20, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Are you looking for grey shiplap design ideas to inspire your next home improvement project? Everyone loves a good shiplap design, but people are too often afraid to use color. Natural woodgrain looks absolutely gorgeous, of course, but applying a grey backdrop for your rooms can do wonders for your design aesthetic.

Whether you’re playing with tonality or adding a bit of contrast to an otherwise bright and cheery space, grey shiplap should be a tool in your arsenal. Here are five beautiful grey shiplap designs that prove that shiplap can look fabulous no matter what color it’s painted.

1. Light Gray Shiplap as an Accent Wall

Metrie Complete - Shiplap - Bedroom

This designer utilized a lighter grey color for the shiplap, which perfectly complements the white bed frame and bedding. It also creates a unique, soft contrast against the natural woodgrain of the circular mirror. The matching lamps on either side of the bed create a room with perfect symmetry.

The straight, parallel lines and beautiful dimensions make everything within the room look delicately aligned. The less you use, the more proportional and perfect everything has to be. This designer completely knocked it out of the park.

2. Vertical Gray Shiplap

Coco & Jack - Shiplap Playroom - Nook

Designer: Coco & Jack | Photography: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling

In a room full of bright lights, white walls, and lightly colored décor, it’s good to add a little contrast. It isn’t the only shiplap used in the room, but the dark grey vertical shiplap used in the bench seat is absolutely stunning. When you look at this photograph, it’s the first thing that catches your eye.

They didn’t stop with the dark-toned grey shiplap. Every white wall, including the very back of the nook, was also crafted from vertical white shiplap. This brilliant designer utilized symmetry and balance to tie everything together to create a gorgeous and dynamic design.

3. Whole Room Shiplap

For Blog Only - Black Horizontal Shiplap Bathroom

Some designers like to use shiplap sparingly or highlight a specific feature, but there’s also the bold option of covering the entire room in dark-toned grey shiplap and calling it a mood. This genius choice creates a lot of contrast with the white sink and light.

This is another example of expert restraint. Since the dark shiplap walls are so bold, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much décor. This designer knew how to perfectly balance the different parts of their unique design aesthetic.  

4. Real Wood Shiplap

Metrie Complete - Rustic Shiplap - Charcoal - Desk

When you go with grey shiplap, you don’t have to compromise on the beautiful and classic natural wood look that everyone loves so much. With this prefinished charcoal shiplap, you can embrace grey and still retain the natural woodgrain appearance.

The designer of this office nook took that idea and ran with it, creating a chic and cozy space where anyone would feel happy. With plenty of natural light and lighter-toned furniture, this black, white, and grey-toned room is a showstopper. The shiplap adds some rustic and traditional vibes while simultaneously complementing the designer’s modern, industrial aesthetic. 

5. Staggered Gray Shiplap

Metrie Complete - Rustic Shiplap - Charcoal - Living Room

Many designers like to create completely uniform shiplap designs so that everything lines up perfectly, with no board out of place. If you’re feeling bold and creative, you can choose to create a staggered shiplap look.

The designer of this living room lined the wall with dark grey shiplap and staggered them, creating a wall full of lines and deep black seams. This design choice gives the impression that the room is cozy, comfortable, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every shiplap board on this wall is intricately placed to create the desired impression.

Bonus: Gray Shiplap Ceiling

Gray Shiplap Ceiling

There’s no rule that says you can only use shiplap on your walls. The designer of this little entryway chose to use sleek, dark grey shiplap on the ceiling to create a beautiful contrast with the white walls and built-in shelves. This creates a delicate illusion like it’s guiding you through the entryway.

Using shiplap on a ceiling is a bold choice that we absolutely adore. When designing your home, remember that you don’t have to conform to someone else’s idea of what’s normal or acceptable. This dark grey shiplap design is a testament that you can be bold and creative and design your own home however you want.

Where to Buy Shiplap

If you’d like to know where to buy shiplap, you’ve come to the right place. Metrie has a wide variety of shiplap, crown moulding, trim, paneling, and more. Check out our dealer locator to find a Metrie shiplap dealer near you.

Want to explore more shiplap options? Check out the Metrie shiplap inspiration page now.