7 Unique Ways to Add Texture and Dimension to Walls and Ceilings

November 8, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Texture and dimension are two of the biggest interior design trends in 2022. Want a little inspiration for how to incorporate texture and dimension into your home’s design? 

These seven examples should help get you started:  

1. Panel Moulding

Two Panel Door Option M.png

Panel moulding is one of the easiest ways to add texture and dimension to a space. In fact, the primary purpose of panel moulding is to add embellishment to flat or recessed surfaces. 

Just look at how much dimension and texture panel moulding adds to this matte grey wall. The symmetrical placement makes the wall really come to life, and the matching black and white pictures inside the panel moulding create even more texture and depth.  

The thin panel moulding is a stark contrast to the chunky baseboards and doorway casing. From corner to corner, this space is a terrific example of how easy it can be to add textural elements to a room, and more importantly, how big of an impact those elements can make. 

2. Vintage Industrial Accents

Option M - Vintage Industrial - Apartment Living Room

The vintage industrial aesthetic is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022. It’s a motif defined by exposed elements like ductwork, brick, and pipes. It creates a utilitarian feeling and tons of understated and effortless visual intrigue.

In the living space above, the metal lights, wrought-iron chairs, and sliding door set the mood, and the brick-look wallpaper brings it right into the vintage industrial aesthetic. The brick contrasts beautifully with the black trim, creating loads of texture and dimension for the walls and ceilings. 

3. Add Depth with 3D Decorative Wood Panels

Teak Wall Angled View.png

With their unmistakable coziness and timelessness, wood panels are always on-trend. However, wood panels don’t have to be the stereotypical seventies-style paneling. In fact, today, the more creative, the better.

This wall demands to be touched. It takes texture and dimensionality to a whole new level. The mixed sizes and depths of these sandy-colored wood panels create an Instagram-worthy statement wall that would look lovely in any home.  

Walls like this don’t require any decorations to add intrigue. In fact, simpler decorations, like the statement painting on this wall, are the way to go with a textured wall. 

4. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Bedroom Close up.jpeg

Shiplap walls are the cornerstone element to the modern farmhouse, shabby chic, and beach aesthetics. Shiplap does a great job of adding texture and dimension to a room. Shiplap walls can even create an optical illusion, making rooms appear wider or taller than they are. (Horizontal shiplap widens the space, whereas vertical shiplap makes it appear taller).

We love the look of these white, vertical shiplap walls in this bedroom. They make an interesting design, something truly unique. The brassy and earth tones contrast with the creamy shiplap walls, allowing the dimension and texture to really shine.

5. Create a Geometric Coffered Ceiling

Honeycomb ceiling kitchen 2.png

We’ve talked a lot about walls, but nothing adds dimension and texture quite like a coffered ceiling. Like shiplap, coffered ceilings can create an optical illusion in a space. In addition to being visually exciting, coffered ceilings help make a room appear taller than it is

Traditionally, coffered ceilings are square or rectangular in shape, but this gorgeous kitchen shows how breath-taking a geometric coffered ceiling can be. The narrow window casings and large windows make this kitchen feel light, bright, and open, and allow your eyes to naturally flow to the texture and dimension created by the coffered ceiling. 

6. Add Contrasting Wainscotting

Grey Wainscotting Bedroom.jpeg

Wainscotting is a design technique that has been around for centuries. It’s a type of wood paneling that runs along the lower part of a wall. This trend merges style and function because wainscotting was originally installed to help homeowners protect their walls from damage due to chairs and tables.

In this bedroom, the grey wainscotting adds an immediate textural upgrade to the otherwise flat walls. When paired with the tall baseboards and wide window casings, the wainscotting creates the illusion of height while adding an extra layer of dimension and intrigue to the design. 

7. Thick Wooden Ceiling Beams

Shiplap and Wood Beam Ceiling Hallway.jpeg

Source: https://studio-mcgee.com/2019-7-15-sm-ranch-house/

Who doesn’t love exposed wooden beams? Wooden ceiling beams create a cozy and unmistakable feeling of intimacy. They’re a surefire way to create rustic charm in any space while adding plenty of texture and dimension.

The wooden ceiling beams in this ranch house’s entryway are installed over shiplap, creating an extra layer of visual appeal. The horizontal ceiling beams make the entryway feel wider, while the matching vertical wooden columns add height making the room appear taller as well.

The color-blocking and perpendicular lines create a really exciting amount of dimension that pulls your focus up and into the house. It creates the illusion of more space while simultaneously making the entire area feel more inviting.  

Add Texture and Dimension to Your Ceiling and Walls

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