How to Choose the Right Interior Moulding and Trim for Your Home

October 6, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Are you trying to find the perfect trim or moulding for your home? It’s not always an easy task, especially since there are so many different types! So how can you choose the right interior moulding for your home?

Let’s chat a bit about some of the most popular types of trim. Then, we’ll give you some inspiration to get you started. 

Types of Moulding

There are several types of moulding, but these six are some of the most common types:

Crown Moulding

For Blog Only - Crown Moulding Build Up

Crown moulding is what most people think of when they hear the term “moulding.” It’s the horizontal piece of trim that goes between the wall and the ceiling to help soften the transition between the two surfaces.

You can also use crown moulding on top of door casings, cabinets, columns, and other architectural elements to add height, soften transitions, or tie a room’s look together. Traditionally, crown moulding is white or cream-colored, but it can really be any color with the right eye. 

Panel Moulding

Wall Treatments - Panel Mould

Panel moulding is used specifically to add texture and interest to a wall or ceiling. Most often, panel moulding is used to embellish panels on recessed or flat surfaces.  

Generally, people use a thinner trim for panel moulding, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Panel moulding can be any width and color. It really just depends on the motif. 

Fireplace Moulding

For Blog Only - Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick - Gray Fireplace

Thrifty Decor Chick

Fireplace moulding is an easy way to bring attention to a room’s fireplace. This moulding is generally placed on or around a fireplace’s mantle to add height, dimension, or visual intrigue. 

Accent Moulding

For Blog Only - Angela Rose Home - Green Accent Wall Bedroom

Angela Rose Home

Accent moulding refers to any moulding used to accent a room’s aesthetic. For example, it could be using cream-colored moulding along a mocha-colored wall. It could be using moulding to create panels, or creating an intricate design using different types of moulding.

There isn’t a specific type of moulding called “accent moulding.” Instead, it refers to the reason you’re applying the moulding. If it’s to create an accent wall, a visually interesting element, or texture, it’s probably accent moulding! 

Chair Rail Moulding

Option M - New Traditional - Dining Room - Chair Rail - 2022

Chair rail moulding is most commonly used in kitchens or dining rooms, but you can hang it anywhere. Chair rail moulding was originally designed to keep the wall protected from dings and scuffs from chairs, so naturally, chair rail moulding is usually hung around the height of the top of a chair. 

Picture Rail Moulding

For Blog Only - Megan Pflug - Picture Rail Hanging Photos

Megan Pflug

Picture rail moulding is typically one-and-a-half to two inches thick. It wraps around the room at the same height as a room’s windows or right beneath the crown moulding. Historically, picture rail moulding was used to hang pictures on the wall since plaster walls were difficult to hang art on. Today, most picture rail moulding isn’t used to hang art, but it can still add an artistic touch to a room’s design. 

5 Homes With Unique Moulding

Need more inspiration? Here are five examples of rooms that use moulding in an unconventional yet stylish way to really elevate the room’s aesthetic and overall finished look:

1. The Bright and Light Home Office

G.A. White Homes - Office - Shiplap - Gray Home Office with Nature Windows - Angle

The tall, woodgrain moulding around the windows of this home office helps elongate the windows and makes this space feel extra open. The rustic color of the window trim paired with the creamy coffered ceilings and grey shiplap help elevate this rustic aesthetic. In addition, the accent moulding that’s aligned perfectly with the windows helps add to the already pleasing symmetry of this space.   

2. An Ornate Oak Room

Large Oak Room

The natural oak casing, beams, and wainscoting add a luxurious depth and warmth to the seafoam green walls in this room. It’s a sophisticated space with gorgeous views, and the ornate collection of moulding helps create a historical ambience in this dreamy space.

3. The Farmhouse Kitchen

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Atmosphere Interior Design

The white moulding and wood cabinetry make this kitchen a modern farmhouse dream. The spaced panel moulding in the ceiling helps provide a modernized version of exposed rafters. Paired with the trendy black chairs and interesting lighting, the simple white moulding and wooden cabinetry create a contemporary kitchen full of depth and texture.  

4. A Bold Living Room

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Dark Gray Living Room

Atmosphere Interior Design

The deep slate walls and matching chair rail moulding helps to add texture and intrigue to the walls of this contemporary living room. The deep black crown moulding adds a layer of depth and really helps focus the look of the room. This den is bold yet harmonious, and it combines traditional features, like moulding, with unexpected treatments and design. The color choices and decoration work together to create a luxurious space full of intrigue.

5. A Playful Dining Room

For Blog Only - Dabito of Old Brand New - Chair Rail with Gold Panel Mould


This dining room effortlessly pairs gold panel moulding with soft white chair moulding to create a sweet and subtle contrast in this lovely dining room. The thoughtful and minimal decoration allows the trim to really pull focus in this space. It goes to show how even thin trim can make an impact if the design is right!  

Find the Right Interior Moulding for Your Home

Want some more help choosing the best trim for your room? Try Option {M} today, an interactive way to learn about which trim and moulding matches your style.