The 15 Best Interior Design Trends of 2023 and Beyond

September 28, 2021

By: The Finished Space

We reached out to fifteen of the best interior design bloggers to ask about their favorite interior design trends of 2023, and they did not disappoint! From specific techniques to re-emerging design aesthetics, these bloggers gave us some great insight into the hottest trends for this year and beyond. 

Warning: if you’re anything like us, you’re going to be itching to try some of these swoon-worthy trends in your own home!

Experts Weigh-In: 15 Best Interior Design Trends of 2023

Here’s a look at 15 of the best interior design trends of this year from those who know it best:

1. Featured Wall Applications

For Blog Only - K-Ann Kreations & Design - Exposed Brick Living Room

K-Ann Kreations & Design, Ltd.

“I am a huge advocate for Feature Wall Applications! Whether it be a textured wall covering, a wood tile to act as an accent or even applied wallpaper strategically placed above millwork such as board and batten, it really creates an intimacy within a space!

Many of my clients post-pandemic are allowing me to really get creative and apply these unique designs in certain areas of their homes or businesses now that so many have moved their work areas remotely! Some are opening new businesses with specific branding that features walls which define the vibe of their brands. The way social media is rapidly progressing, who doesn’t want their space to have that “Instagram-able” moment to act as a staple to introduce their business to the world?

This is even being applied in many of my clients’ home offices, Living rooms, Dining rooms, Powder rooms, and Master Bathrooms! I am looking forward to my upcoming projects that have so many unique versatile applications incorporated!” – Kristiann Colasacco of K-Ann Kreations & Design, Ltd.

We completely agree, Kristiann! Featured wall applications do so much to focus attention and create inspiring moments in any room.

2. Mix-and-Match Cabinetry

For Blog Only - Isabella Patrick Design - Diagonal Tile Kitchen

Isabella Patrick Design

“I love the mix of natural woods in a kitchen with painted cabinetry. We have been implementing this concept in several of our kitchen designs. Homeowners are feeling more comfortable mixing in open shelving with closet cabinets and accenting those in oak or walnut has been successful.” – Isabella Patrick of Isabella Patrick Design

Isabella is definitely on-trend here. We’ve noticed a lot more designers incorporating natural wood into their kitchen designs.

3. Timeless Modern Designs

For Blog Only - Charlie's Designs - Trendy Modern Dining Room

Charlie's Designs

“My favorite interior design trend of 2023 is the increased focus on more modern designs that are timeless – in particular, those that are minimalistic. That is also more in line with my own personal style. I believe that in interior design, less is more. Just like in fashion, it’s not what you wear BUT how you wear it!

The idea is to have a design that also brings into the space all the elements of Feng Shui because by doing that, you are creating a more relaxing space that can help your home to feel like a sanctuary. It helps to create a house that feels like a home.

And part of that element that is so important in many homes is having incredible baseboards and moldings, that is the jewelry to a design, you can have the most beautiful furniture in a room. BUT if that room doesn’t have the right baseboards or moldings in the room, the space is going to feel weird. In design, the first few things we see is the floors, baseboards and moldings.” – Charlie A. Bolivar of Charlie’s Designs LLC

We couldn’t agree more, Charlie! We love the analogy comparing moulding and baseboard to jewelry. It’s so true that the perfect finishing touches can help cement the Feng Shui in a minimalistic design. 

4. Dark Accent Colors

For Blog Only - Jessica Helgerson - Black Kitchen

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

One favorite interior design trend for 2023 is color! A dark accent color that perfectly complements white kitchens is especially great for kitchen islands where the rest of the kitchen cabinets are white.

We love this look. So often, homeowners go light-and-bright in their kitchens, but this infusion of darker colors really complements and elevates a classic look.

5. Brutalism

For Blog Only - Glenn Gissler Design - Home Office

Glenn Gissler Design

“My favorite interior design trend for 2023 has been Brutalism. During the 1960s and 70’s the marketplace offered up rough sculptural hand wrought furniture and decorative arts – and there are wonderful items appearing in the marketplace.

Paul Evans is a name that has been circulating a lot in recent years with remarkably increased prices for his unique and production furniture. Some of these works are stunning, albeit out of reach for most. Don’t dismay, there are many interesting makers whose works are coming to the market at more affordable prices!” – Glenn Gissler of Glenn Gissler Design

Like Glen, we’re also huge fans of Paul Evans’ boxy and intricate furniture. There’s something timeless about this trend because there’s always a place for beautiful, hand-wrought furniture in the home.

6. Zellige Tiles

For Blog Only - Holly Bellomy - Tiled Fireplace

Holly Bellomy Interiors 

“My favorite design trend for 2023 has got to be zellige tile! The unique character, the earthy yet vibrant colors, and the timeless shapes make them a perfect choice for the kitchen and bathroom.

Mix two colors in a bathroom for more character if you’re feeling bold. They look fabulous whether they’re stacked or offset. If your style is traditional, glam, casual, or contemporary, you just can’t go wrong!” – Holly Bellomy of Holly Bellomy Interiors 

Holly, we love zellige tiles, too. They’re such a fun and shiny option for people who love a little extra pizzazz. They work wonderfully in shabby-chic interiors and do a tremendous job livening up any space. 

7. Wallpaper

“I love that wallpaper is still on the rise in a big way. The millennial generation is influencing the world of interior design through self-expression, and I couldn’t be more excited. There are so many options for wallpaper right now. You can use it simply to add texture while maintaining a neutral color palette or you can go bold with graphic art styles and colors. Another trend is utilizing every single space and giving it a purpose and wallpaper is a great way to make a statement in a tiny, forgotten space.” – Kelly Dunn of Fathom Design Company

Kelly is on the money here! We’ve seen so many designers and homeowners really embracing the versatility of wallpaper. We don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon.

8. The Emphasis on Health

For Blog Only - Deborah DiMare - Children Play Room

DiMare Design

“My favorite trend is that consumers, I believe as a result of the pandemic, are seeking healthier, kinder, happier homes. They are concerned about the effects of chemicals and toxins in their spaces and how it affects their health and the health of their children and babies. We all want to live and surround ourselves with joy and peace. Compassion, ethics, and clean spaces are the new sexy.” – Deborah DiMare of DiMare Design

We agree, Deborah. We’ve also seen a considerable insurgence of health-conscious homeowners looking for products that aren’t just beautiful, but are healthy as well. 

9. The Eighties Throwback

For Blog Only - Gina Sims - Bright Colourful Wallpaper Living Room.png

Gina Sims Designs

“I am really digging the throwback to the 80s. As with all good revivals, there is a strong modern interpretation of the vintage style and that’s the case now. There are pastels but they are earthier. There are curves but they are bolder. Pattern in upholstery is back and it is bold! Shiny elements still shine but they feature patina and texture. It’s okay to love (the 2023 version of) the 80s!” – Gina Sims of Gina Sims Designs

We totally agree, Gina! There’s something so fun about re-imaging other eras in an updated way. Revisiting the eighties has been a really exciting trend this year. 

10. Brownstone Renovations

For Blog Only - Jarret Yoshida - Red Wall Bedroom

Jarret Yoshida Inc.

“The biggest interior design trend we see in Brooklyn and other parts of New York City is the renovation of brownstones. Unlike newly refurbished apartments or new construction, a single or multi-family brownstone renovation is becoming what it always was: a way to demonstrate your taste over three to four stories of a home. While the starchitect buildings on the High Line are a new tourist site for out of towners, creative New Yorkers are viewing brownstone renovations as a bridge across time, style, and history. 

Interior design for a brownstone may range from a total gut renovation to the construction of a new bathroom or kitchen. Updating furniture styles for a marked intentional contrast is the finishing touch to assure that you capture both long-term trends and immediate styles for a timeless interior decoration scheme that would work in a classic Brooklyn brownstone or almost anywhere else in New York City.” – Jarret Yoshida of Jarret Yoshida Inc.

We’ve noticed this trend, too, Jarret, and it isn’t just limited to New York City brownstones. We’ve seen a real uptick in homeowners opting to reimagine their homes rather than moving to slick apartments with all the new features. Instead, people are taking pride in showing off their unique tastes in their homes.

11. Comfortable Furniture

For Blog Only - Anthony Michael - Tile Fireplace in Living Room

Anthony Michael Interior Ingenuity

“My favorite design trend this year is comfortable furnishings. So over the stiffness of mid-century modern. I am loving the softer curves, the non-grey interiors, and the return of color!” – Anthony Michael of Anthony Michael Interior Ingenuity

Oh, Anthony, we can’t express how much we agree with you on this one! Who doesn’t love comfortable furniture? This trend started to gain traction during the height of the pandemic when everyone was at home and realized they didn’t have anything comfortable to lounge around on. It really radically shifted homeowners’ priorities on what they wanted in their homes.

12. Instagram-able Moments

For Blog Only - Tina Delia - Pool Table Open Room

Delia Designs

“The changes to our homes brought on by the pandemic, fall into two categories: stopgap measures that involve short-term updates and adjustments, and lifestyle changes that will likely stick with us in some form. My favorite trend of 2023 is the Bold Statement. It’s about the instagrammable moment in your home these days. That could be a statement wall with a funky mural painted, a statement ceiling clad in wallpaper, or funky patterned tile floors.” – Tina Delia of Delia Designs.

Tina is right on the nose with this trend. We’ve noticed a lot more designers, contractors, and homeowners leaning towards creating picture-worthy moments throughout the home.

13. Bouclé Fabric

For Blog Only - Mara Rodriguez-Walter - Modern Open Kitchen with Chairs

Mara Hu Design 

“Bouclé fabric is still HOT! While we started seeing the resurgence of Bouclé back in July of 2020, it’s no surprise it’s still trending! This 1940’s fabric complements any mid-century modern style furniture with it’s soft, chic, and cozy texture. It’s irresistible if you ask me!

The use of this fabric is becoming a huge trend in furnishings, lending new forms of curves and comfort to any piece. Best of all, the Bouclé fabric is so easy to clean up being a low liquid absorption material, it makes the perfect upholstery choice! I love adding this fabric to any room, I find it adds a splash of soft elegance.” – Mara Rodriguez-Walter of Mara Hu Design 

We share Mara’s love for Bouclé fabric. It’s such a soft and wonderful accent for living rooms and bedrooms.

14. Color

For Blog Only - Veronica Solomon - Bright Colourful Living Room

Lux Living Weekly

“The biggest trend that we are seeing is color! Color is nothing new for us, but many clients are now asking for anything but the white and gray rooms they have been seeing all over social media. We are doing more earthy but saturated colors, like moss greens, ink blues, mustard yellows, and brick reds.

I love to infuse a splash of a brighter color like chartreuse or citron into the mix to add some interest. We are especially seeing clients request these more saturated colors on millwork like wall paneling, which we are also seeing as a huge trend lately.” – Veronica Solomon of Lux Living Weekly

Veronica is right! There has been a significant increase in homeowners looking to add daring colors to their homes. People are tired of the same-old white and grey color palette, and they’re looking for something a bit more exciting.

15. Temporary Wallpaper

For Blog Only - Eddie Mickenberg - Gold Coffered Ceiling Living Room

Eddie Mickenberg

“Many people believe that wallpaper is a permanent commitment that only an older home would be covered in with generic paisley or a boring floral pattern. That could not be farther from the truth. Not only are there very fun, bold prints, and cost-effective options, but they are made in a peel and stick form. This is a great solution for a temporary fix for apartments, kids’ rooms, trendy designs on walls that you can change in a year or two if you would like.” – Eddie Mickenberg of Eddie Mickenberg

We love this, Eddie! Peel and stick wallpaper is a terrific option for people who live in apartments or people who aren’t quite ready to commit to permanent wallpaper.

Getting Started with the Latest Trends

Are you going to try any of these trends? You can even mix and match a few of them to elevate your interior design. Thankfully, many of them aren’t just trendy today. Instead, they’re timeless renovations that will look great for years to come.

Let us know which of these fifteen trends you are most excited to try in your home!

At Metrie, we specialize in trim, moulding, and finishing touches. So, when you’re ready to add the final touches to your space, we have you covered. If you’d like some help determining your design aesthetic and choosing finishing touches, try our interactive design tool, Option {M}.