13 Different Types of Interior Door Styles

February 3, 2021

By: The Finished Space

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, it’s a great time to think about how much a door can influence a room’s style.

An interior door can be a statement piece, or it can be the perfect finishing touch to tie a room’s design together. There are so many different interior door styles available that it’s easy to get inspired.

Interior Door Styles

Here are 13 of our favorite interior door types and styles to use as inspiration, including single door and double door styles. 

Single Doors

Here are eight unique types of single-door styles: 

1. Sliding Barn Door

Interior sliding barn doors are the perfect complement to any rustic, industrial, or modern farmhouse design, and they’re sure to make a statement. Unlike traditional doors, sliding barn doors slide open and closed. In function and style, sliding barn doors are for homeowners who want to make an impression. 

2. Glass Paned

Masonite - Glass Door

Glass paned doors are a terrific option for people who want to maintain that open feeling while still benefiting from some of the noise reduction offered by conventional doors. These doors are perfect for home offices, so that parents can work and still keep an eye on their children. You can also use glass-paned interior doors to add visual intrigue between complementary room designs. 

3. Louvered

LVRBF-FP-Primed-Louvred Doors.jpg

Glass-paned doors keep out the noise but lack privacy, and louvered doors do the opposite. Louvered doors maintain privacy while still allowing noise and air to flow freely in and out of the room. As a style choice, louvered doors are a unique option that can fit with historic designs, modern ranch themes, beach-style interiors, and more. Depending on the color and theme, louvered interior doors are a stylish feature that blends well in many designs. 

4. Solid Wood

Masonite - Cheyenne - Green Wainscot Hallway

A solid wood door is always a winning choice. They are durable, available to be painted or stained, and reduce sound transfer room to room. You can add panels and intricate designs to provide an understated and subtle finish to every room in the home.

5. A Moulded Panel Door

Masonite - Logan - Gray Door in Blue Room

Moulded panel doors are made from composite materials like MDF that are stacked in multiple layers. This provides the door structure with added durability and improved longevity. They can be hollow or solid core. With a variety of ready-to-paint designs to choose from, it’s a cost-effective way to achieve the perfect interior door style for your space.

6. A Door as a Statement Piece

Masonite - Logan - Hot Pink Bathroom

You don’t have to go with an interesting design to make a statement. Many homeowners choose bold colors and styling to make their traditional doors memorable. 

7. Chalkboard

Masonite - Chalkboard Door - Bedroom

Chalkboard doors are perfect additions to kitchens and children’s rooms. In a kitchen, they’re a great place to write meal plans, grocery lists, inspiring quotes, or quick notes. A chalkboard door provides a continual outlet for creativity, learning, and fun in a children’s bedroom. 

8. Natural, Unpainted Wood

Natural Unpainted Door.png

A natural wood door is stunning in almost any home. It’s ideal for minimalist motifs or can add a hint of nature to any room. Natural unpainted wood doors are sure to make any space feel cozier and more inviting. 

Double Doors

Here are five double door options to inspire: 

9. Wooden French Doors

Masonite - Riverside - Double Yellow Doors

French doors are a popular door style, but they typically have glass panes. You can opt for solid French doors to do something a little different. Wooden French doors can make a beautiful statement without sacrificing privacy or durability.

10. Sliding Double Barn Doors


Like the single sliding barn door, double barn doors are terrific for rustic and modern farmhouse designs. Sliding double barn doors provide an incredible visual impact that is highly functional as well. They’re perfect for important entryways or to section off specific areas of the home. A home with double sliding doors is sure to make a statement. 

11. Double Pocket Doors

For Blog Only - Double Pocket Doors on Brick

Pocket doors are amazing for homeowners who want to stun but don’t want to take up much space. Pocket doors hide inside the wall, so you never have to wonder if the door is supposed to open in or out or if it’s taking up too much room. They’re a popular choice for closets, but with an exciting design, they can really go anywhere. (Make note, these are a little trickier to install because they have to slide into your wall, so if you’re going for simple, these double pocket doors may not be the way to go.

12. Frosted Glass Double Doors

For Blog Only - Double Frosted Glass Pocket Doors

Frosted glass double doors are the perfect meet-in-the-middle option for people who love the look of glass but also want privacy. These frosted glass doors add a drop of elegance to any space, so they’re a perfect addition to dens, studies, or formal dining areas. Many homeowners use them when guests come over o cover up less tidy areas, like children’s playrooms,, because they hide the room — and the clutter — without making it feel closed off. 

13. Transparent Glass French Doors

For Blog Only - Sarah Gibson, of Room For Tuesday - French Door Living Room

Sarah Gibson

We can’t talk about double interior doors without talking about glass French doors. These double doors are a much-loved classic that look striking in any space. There’s something nostalgic and romantic about French doors that homeowners love. They make rooms feel open and inviting while still blocking out noise. Deep wood grains go wonderfully with this classic style, but nearly any color goes well. They’re the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a timeless design.

Choose Interior Doors Styles That Inspire You

Interior doors are one of those finishing touches that really make a difference. Metrie’s Option (M) interior door and moulding combinations gives you the perfect finishing touches for all your rooms. Reach out to us today for more information.