Lintel Molding & Trim: Decorative Accent Above Doors & Windows

October 24, 2022

By: The Finished Space

You may not have heard the term “lintel moulding,” but the chances are that you’ve seen this trim type before. As with many popular trim and moulding types, lintel trim serves a decorative and functional purpose.

In this article, we’ll do a deep dive on lintel moulding, including what it is and some basic details on cost and installation. Plus, we’ll share some stunning examples of lintel molds in the home to inspire your next design.

What Are Lintel Moulds?

Lintel moulding (or lintel molding) is a type of interior trim used above windows, doors, and fireplaces. It’s generally used as an accent piece to accentuate the entryway or fireplace and add an element of visual flair.

Lintel moulds are placed horizontally and can come in various colors, materials, and styles. As an accent piece, decorative lintel helps to bring a look together. Lintel trim takes on a unique and distinctive appearance when used in tandem with a stock board.

Lintel trim can sometimes also serve a structural purpose. In these instances, lintel moulds support the load from the above structure. However, the installation and materials are a bit different in these scenarios. When lintel molding is load-bearing, it’s typically part of the home’s original construction.

Speaking of installation, installing decorative lintel is a relatively straightforward task. You simply measure, cut, and attach the lintel trim to the top of your window, door, or fireplace. DIY-ing your own lintel trim can be a terrific way to save on costs.

When it comes to costs, the cost of lintel trim varies depending on the material and manufacturer you use. For example, if you’re replacing a structural lintel, expect to spend between $400-$750. However, the cost of decorative lintel trim will be much less than that.

Now that you know what lintel trim is – let’s see it in action so you can decide if it’s a fit for your home or project.

5 Inspiring Examples of Decorative Lintel Trim

These five examples really illustrate the versatility and overall visual impact of lintel moulding in the home:

1. A Thick and Complementary Interior Door Lintel

Option M - Vintage Industrial - Office - Architrave - 2022

Here’s the perfect example of what interior door lintel trim is and what it can do for your space’s overall look and feel. This one thick, horizontal slab of lintel trim does so much to elevate this design. The thickness of the lintel moulding creates an intentional clash with the thinner casing, resulting in some proportion play and visual intrigue. In addition, the thickness of the lintel trim helps fill out the empty wall behind it while complementing the rest of the room’s color story and vibe.

2. Thick White Trim to Accentuate the Windows

For Blog Only - Modest Marce - Rustic Shiplap Sunroom

Modest Marce

This room designed by @modestmarce really wows with its impeccable attention to detail. From the plain pine ceiling beams intersecting with the white shiplap to the geometric black and white tile, this room dazzles from top to bottom. However, by using thick trim around the outsides of the window, the space maintains a clear and central focus without feeling too busy or overwrought. The window trim beckons us to look outside while allowing our eyes to dance around the rest of the room’s features.

3. Adding Pizzazz to an Interior Door

Masonite - Riverside - Red Room with Plinth

Nothing makes an impact quite like a royal red room. It’s bold and moody, yet regal and refined. The interior door lintel helps add an ornate quality to the room and door, elevating it from a loud and daring room to one with a more sophisticated feeling. Paired with the antique furniture and decorations, the lintel moulding helps keep this room feeling classy and classic.

4. Emphasize a Dreamy Window

Window Nook

This cozy window nook makes you want to grab a book and a warm cup of tea and just sit awhile. In a time where more people are focusing on slow living, spaces like these are becoming a must-have in homes. What makes this space so successful is the dreamy window. It helps make the little areas feel wide-open and relaxing versus claustrophobic, and the window lintel and thick casing help emphasize the window and the feeling of freedom.

5. An Elevated Craftsman-Style Fireplace

Option M - Contemporary Craftsman - Living Room - Mantle - 2021

The lintel moulding on the fireplace pairs perfectly with the built-in shelving and chair rail moulding in this Craftsman-style den. It helps elevate the fireplace and makes it feel like it was hand-crafted from top to bottom. It just shows how something so seemingly insignificant can have such a huge impact.

Add Gorgeous Lintel Moulding in Your Home with Metrie’s Lintel Trim Options

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