MDF Trim and Moulding: How it Compares to Other Materials and 6 Advantages

January 9, 2023

By: The Finished Space

The result is a super strong, durable material ideal for luxury trim and moulding. Due to its affordability, low-maintenance qualities, and availability in various colors and styles, it’s often the go-to material for many new design and home renovation projects.

With so many material options available, what makes MDF so unique? In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of MDF over other materials, installation best practices, costs, and more. Let’s dive in!

6 Advantages of MDF Trim and Moulding Over Other Materials


MDF trims and moulding offer tremendous advantages over other materials, including better aesthetics, higher durability, and improved fire resistance. The benefits don’t end there. 

Here are six unique advantages of MDF trim and moulding versus other materials like wood, PVS, vinyl, and aluminum:

1. Cost-Effectiveness


MDF is significantly more affordable than traditional wood trim and moulding, even though it’s made from a similar material. It also costs less to purchase and install, which makes it an excellent option for the budget-conscious home designer. It typically costs less than most other trim and moulding materials and provides a more aesthetically pleasing look and improved durability.

2. Ease of Installation


Due to MDF’s smooth surface and lightweight nature, trim and moulding made from MDF are easier to install than other materials. It also produces less mess and waste than wood-based trim and moulding, meaning there’s less time spent on the installation and cleaning afterward. This is especially great news for DIYers who want to tackle the job themselves

3. Durability 


MDF trim and moulding are specifically designed to resist warping, bowing, swelling, cracking, and splitting. This makes it an excellent choice for long-term installation, as it can withstand changes in humidity and moisture without compromising its integrity. If you’re looking for a durable and stylish material, you can’t get much better than MDF.

4. Customizability


MDF trim and moulding can be stained or painted any color you like, which gives homeowners a vast array of options for customization. From classic whites and light woods to dark mahogany and reds, MDF offers a variety of colors and styles to suit any interior design style. It’s never been easier to create intricate and luxurious home designs.

5. Environmentally Friendly


MDF is made of recycled wood fibers, making it a material ideal for the environmentally conscious homeowner and interior designer. It can also be recycled again into new products to reduce the amount of waste it creates. All of our products are crafted with sustainability in mind, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to save the planet

6. Prevents Staining and Marring


Because of its rigid, durable surface, MDF trim and moulding can resist marring and staining, which makes it ideal for areas of the home that require frequent cleaning. The material is also highly water resistant, so it’s also a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Installation Best Practices for MDF Trim and Moulding


Whether you’re a contractor installing trim or moulding for a home improvement project or a DIY-er getting ready for your next project, proper installation is essential. So, here’s a list of some best practices for installation to help ensure your MDF trim and moulding stands the test of time.

Clear Out the Space

When installing MDF moulding and trim, it’s essential to ensure the installation area is clear of any obstacles, dirt, or debris. This will help make the installation smoother and more manageable. Plus, it’ll help ensure the installation lasts as long as possible.

Take Careful Measurements


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Before installation, you must take accurate measurements to ensure that the MDF moulding and trim fit correctly. If your MDF trim profile lengths are off, it’ll make the installation process much more difficult. It’s also important to leave a small gap for expansion and contraction.

Choose the Right Materials

When selecting moulding and trim for your home, it’s critical that you choose materials that are moisture-resistant, durable, and well-made. With MDF trim and moulding, you get all of that and more!

Apply, Cut, and Press the Trim

Once the trim or moulding is in place, use a sharp blade to cut any excess material. When applying the MDF moulding profile, it’s vital that you press it down firmly, so it stays in place. This will help ensure your installation doesn’t fall apart the first chance it gets.

The Cost of MDF Trim and Moulding Installation

MDF trim and moulding can be an attractive addition to any space in the home. Whether you’re looking to add a decorative touch to your living room or define the edges of a door or window, MDF moulding and trim are an ideal choice.

Like many homeowners and designers, you’re probably concerned with cost. So, here’s a quick guide to the average installation costs and factors that might affect that price point

Average Installation Costs

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The average installation cost of MDF trim and moulding will vary depending on your product, the amount you need to order, the complexity of the project, and the size of the area being worked on. Generally speaking, the larger the space, the higher the cost. The project’s complexity could also increase the price, as more intricate designs require more time and expertise to install.

Also, you should remember that you aren’t only considering the cost of materials. If you hire a professional contractor, that will likely add to your bill. But if you do it yourself, you’ll be able to save lots of time on labor. Fortunately, MDF trim and moulding is a super DIY-friendly product.

Looking for High-Quality MDF Trim and Moulding for Your Next Renovation Project?

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From its affordability to its wide variety of colors and styles, MDF trim and moulding is an excellent choice for any home renovation project. You can’t get any better than Metrie’s exclusive catalog of MDF trim profiles and moulding styles.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your home!