Make a Statement with Modern Minimalist Baseboards and Trim

August 23, 2022

By: The Finished Space

A unique and beautiful interior design doesn’t have to be fussy or overworked. When you put too many elements in one space, you run the risk of it looking busy, messy, or unorganized. That’s why many modern homeowners and designers are turning to modern minimalist décor, which is, by definition, simple, straightforward, and super chic.

Not only is it less expensive to decorate your home with a minimalist aesthetic. It’s also one of the most effective ways to create a chic and high-end luxury interior design. That’s why some of the top designers in the world choose modern minimalism as their favorite design aesthetic.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a trend in art born in the 1950s that eventually became popular in the 1960s and early 1970s. It’s based on the principle that you don’t need much to create something beautiful or awe-inspiring. In fact, you can achieve just as much, if not more, by using less.

In art, it started as a definite style that used subtle touches, minimal brush strokes, and limited elements to create a solid overall statement. It has since influenced and become a primary style in other art forms, including literature, music, film, cooking, and, of course, interior design.

Less is More in Home Décor

Option M - Minimalist - Living Room - Baseboard - 2022

Remember that when you’re designing your home, you don’t have to fill it with an endless assortment of eye-catching pieces. You also don’t have to cover every inch of space. That’s an important reminder for all design trends, not just minimalism.

The trick to finding the perfect interior aesthetic is balancing the empty space with your chosen design elements. You want to create room to breathe. If your eye is constantly busy trying to take everything in, you’ll become overwhelmed, and your brain will merge everything into one big design blob.

While designing, don’t underestimate what you can do with empty space. Everything from paint color to trim and baseboards can significantly impact your home design. Honestly, if you’re trying to create a modern minimalist design aesthetic with eye-catching appeal, this is probably where you need to start.

Why Trim and Baseboards Are the Perfect Modern Minimalist Design Feature

Trim and baseboards are essential to the modern, minimalist design because they add a clean, finishing touch to your walls, doors, and windows. They also don’t take up valuable space or draw much attention, which is essential in a minimal aesthetic. Plus, they’re instrumental when adding color contrast and extra dimension.

There are many ways to spruce up your modern home design, and trim and baseboards are the perfect features to start with. You can keep it simple and chic, create intricate patterns, alter your color story, or invest in a new style. Moulding, trim, and baseboards are essential to home design because there are almost limitless ways to use them.

3 Inspiring Modern Minimalist Trim and Baseboard Design Ideas

If you’re still unsure how the modern minimalist design aesthetic is supposed to look or how trim and baseboards can be used to create beautiful designs, don’t fret! We’ve found a few design examples to help you get better acquainted with this art-inspired aesthetic. Here are three ways to elevate your modern minimalist design with trim and baseboards from Metrie:

1. Keep it Sleek, Simple, and Chic

Option M - Minimalist - Living Room - Door - 2022

This is a classic example of the modern minimalist design aesthetic. The powder blue walls are neatly outlined by the white trim and baseboards, which creates a sleek and simple design that is simultaneously gorgeous. You’ll also notice that the designer of this home also used genuine minimalistic art to add intrigue, which is a nice finishing touch.

2. Highlight Eye-Catching Design Features

Option M - Minimalist - Kitchen - 2022

This may sound obvious, but you don’t have to do much when trying to create a modern minimalist kitchen. We particularly love the brick-tiled backsplash, the dark furnishings, the light woodgrain highlights, and the pinstriped trim used on the kitchen island. It’s all so subtle, but still so chic.

3. Create an Intriguing Minimalist Wall Pattern

Option M - Minimalist - Living Room - Feature Wall - 2022

We already mentioned how you can use trim to create intricate patterns on walls, and here’s a perfect example. The design is complex and eye-catching, but it’s still a simple, cleanly designed wall, with no frills or fuss. Yet again, we see how the masterful use of design restraint can result in a beautiful minimalist design.

Looking for Trim and Baseboards for Your Home? Find the Best with Metrie

If you’re looking for ways to alter or elevate your minimalist home design, why not start with your trim and baseboards? They are the perfect design vehicle for subtle and sweeping change. Check out our vast collection of solid wood and composite wood moulding products to get started today!

If you’d love to get started, but aren’t sure which moulding style is right for you, check out Option {M} today. It’s an innovative design tool that pairs moulding styles with popular design trends. With this tool in your back pocket, you never have to worry about choosing the wrong style.