7 Modern Crown Moulding Examples for Sleek Home Design

September 22, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Crown moulding can elevate the look of any room. It’s the perfect complement to every design aesthetic because it adds a finishing touch bridled with sophistication without taking up space. It’s a skilled interior designer and home builder’s final step to creating an expertly crafted room.

Are you interested in discovering how crown moulding can revolutionize your designs? Here are seven modern crown moulding examples for sleek home design that will knock your socks off:

1. A Modern Farmhouse

For Blog Only - Atmosphere Interior Design - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Atmosphere Interior Design

Notice the edges along the inside of the segmented sections in the ceiling. The expert use of crown moulding here creates a dynamic look that draws focus to the fascinating architectural choices. This is a prime example of how using moulding minimally can make a huge impact.

The aesthetic is carried down into the floorboard and around the doorframe, creating a clean aesthetic that doesn’t steal attention. It just sharpens the lines that are already there. The designer of this home used moulding to perfection to complement their beautiful farmhouse aesthetic.

2. The Minimalist’s Kitchen

TFS Minimalist Kitchen

Some of the most incredible uses of crown moulding are so delicate, they aren’t even immediately apparent. Designs like this traditional kitchen are an excellent example of professional restraint.

The first time you look at this image, you almost don’t even notice the crown moulding, but you’re somehow innately aware of how beautiful and clean it all looks. That’s because the designer didn’t overuse anything. From the chrome appliances to the green backsplash and the moulding outlining the ceiling, entryway, and windows, every detail here is carefully chosen to create a warm and inviting environment.

3. A Calming Oasis

Pink Trim Bathroom - After

This bathroom utilizes soft, tranquil colors and muted floors to create a calming environment in which to lose yourself. The crown moulding blends right into the walls, making the room feel taller and creating minor shadows that highlight the ceiling and windows.

This is how moulding should be used in a master bathroom. Designers should approach these rooms with a delicate touch and restrained sensibilities. The eyes should go to the focal points, like the vanity mirrors and huge soaking tub. There’s no need to pull focus when the room already tells a great story.

4. Industrial Offices

Option M - Vintage Industrial - Office - 2022

As the exact opposite of the minimal kitchen and calming master bath, this home office allows the crown moulding to speak loudly and proudly. Notice how the designer of this room expertly carried the gray of the moulding down into soft-toned floor. Paired with the rustic brown and hard blacks, this room is a vintage industrial dream come true.

One of the best ways to utilize crown moulding is to carry complementary colors into your design. The use of moulding in this room accentuates the exposed brick and ties the entire room together.

5. Bookshelves and Built-Ins

Bookshelf with trim.jpeg

Photo creds:  Sarah Gibson @ roomfortuesday.com

Using crown moulding and trim, this designer created geometric symmetry and intricate line work that is pleasing to the eye. Notice how the crown moulding along the ceiling brings attention to the wooden beams cutting across the study. Coupled with the trim around the light fixtures and highlights on the columns, this wall is absolutely breathtaking.

Designers love pairing crown moulding with books, libraries, and shelf installations because they have a similar appeal. They both add sophistication and intrigue.

6. The Abstract Ceiling

For Blog Only - Karin Bohn, House of Bohn - Honeycomb Coffered Ceiling Kitchen Angle

Karin Bohn

Sometimes, the most effective and exciting way to use crown moulding is to make a statement with it. This room took that concept to a whole new level by using crown moulding to create artistic intrigue with an intricately designed ceiling. It also used moulding to emphasize the cabinets, windows, and doorways.

There’s no limit to what you can do with crown moulding, and here’s the proof. If your design aesthetic needs a pop of inspiration and eye-catching wonder, use moulding in a fascinating and creative way. Even with such complex design work, this room still looks chic, clean, and luxurious – and that’s the true power of crown moulding!

7. A Clean Home Theater

Home Theatre.jpeg

Get the Look: https://metrie.com/products/seattle/MP506/ 

Sometimes, a room requires a no-fuss design that outlines its essential purpose. In a home theater, you want your walls to be darker so you can fully immerse yourself and your guests in the viewing experience. What if the dark aesthetic isn’t ideal for your design sensibilities?

Take this home theater as the perfect compromise between light and dark. This room uses dark grey walls and wooden cabinets to maintain a traditional viewing experience. Instead of dousing the room in shadowy colors, it utilizes white crown moulding to highlight the ceiling and floors, which are also in lighter tones.

Revolutionize Your Designs with Crown Moulding

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