11 Decor Ideas for an Open Floor Plan

May 20, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Homeowners love open floor plans. Open concept design promotes a lifestyle of togetherness. Without the walls and separation, a homeowner can cook in the kitchen while their children watch TV in the living room, yet still feel like everyone’s together.

Open floor plans allow everyone to do their own thing while still being around each other. They’re also ideal for people who love to entertain and host guests. Open concepts are all about keeping people connected via thoughtful design.

What’s not to love, right? However, decorating an open floor plan can be really tricky. To nail this design, homeowners have to carry their design theme throughout the home and minimize clutter. Flooring, trim, and colors should remain consistent while still allowing rooms to have unique “wow” moments.

Getting the décor right can be quite a challenge. However, with a little planning and inspiration, you can easily nail your home’s open-concept motif.

Here are 11 open floor plan decorating ideas to help you get a good gauge on how to decorate an open floor plan!

1. Use Bold Patterns and Pops of Color 

For Blog Only - Colourful Shiplap Living Room

This open-concept space is quirky and fun. From the patterned rug and pillows to the bold-colored chairs, this room feels fun and effortless. They managed to keep the motif cohesive with the neutral shiplap throughout.

2. Combine Large Windows, Crisp Lines, and Subdued Hues

Open Concept Living Room.jpeg


This living room feels spacious with wide-open windows surrounded by creamy white trim. The calming blue hues, crisp horizontal lines, and geometric elements make this open plan design feel spacious and uncluttered. The iron light fixture helps centralize the focus, while the matching rug helps separate the spaces.   

3. Create Consistency with Art Pieces 

Open Concept Dining Room.jpeg


Fun fact: this ranch-style dining room with new traditional aesthetics actually belongs to well-known crooner Michael Bublé! The whole space feels anchored around the grey-blue painting. The rug beneath the table and the window trim in the kitchen share the same grey-blue hue, creating impeccable continuity. The iron light fixture and planter in the dining room also match the iron bar stools in the kitchen, making the whole design consistent.

4. Use Chair Rail Moulding to Tie it All Together

For Blog Only - Amanda Forrest - Open Concept Waincsot Dining Room

This home’s designer, Amanda Forrest, wanted to meld the home’s original charm with newer traditional elements. She found that pairing an MDF chair moulding with natural grain wooden floors was the way to do it. These two elements play together perfectly and carry throughout the entire home to tie this open floor plan design together.

5. Play with Contrast

For Blog Only - Amanda Aerin - Open Concept Living Room


Just because everything needs to be cohesive doesn’t mean it has to be bland. This home’s bold color choices prove that contrasting colors can also work well inside an open floor plan. The yellow chairs and emerald couch pop with the black trim and finishing touches. Despite the whimsical color choices, the breathtaking windows and outdoor scenery still take center stage.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Extravagance

For Blog Only - Ivory Homes - Foyer with Ceiling Panel


Many homeowners see clutter-free and minimalism as the same thing. However, that’s not the case at all. This luxurious open concept home pulls out all the stops with its design. From a double chandelier in the dining room to coffered ceilings and texturized wallpaper, these homeowners didn’t skimp on opulence. However, despite all the design elements, this space still feels clutter-free and refined.

7. Frame and Define the Spaces with Architraves

For Blog Only - Calista Interiors - Open Entryway with Architrave

Calista Interiors

This lovely room features a breathtaking architrave and entryway into the main room. The architrave mirrors the elegance of the windows in the living space and really makes the whole look a perfectly crafted, winning design from top to bottom.  

8. Liven it Up with Wall Features

Option M - OLD - Modern Farmhouse - Kitchen

This open concept modern farmhouse takes advantage of wall details to help liven up the space. The shiplap and tiles are the same shade of white as the rest of the walls, but they’re just a bit more interesting. The grey tones in the cushion, chairs, island, cabinets, and window trim keep the room cohesive and charming.

9. Be Dramatic and Feature Black

For Blog Only - Jessica Helgerson - Black Kitchen

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Who says a black kitchen can’t work? This open concept dining and kitchen area is stunning with its black features. It’s bohemian, intimate, and oh-so-dreamy. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the walls are all actually white! However, the trim, cabinetry, beams, and decorations are all bold in deep noir tones, making the space effortlessly intriguing.

10. Cover it in Shiplap

Raw Shiplap Kitchen.png


Is there such a thing as too much shiplap? We don’t think so! This room stuns with its shiplap ceilings, shiplap walls, and a matching shiplap-styled floor. This look takes consistency to the next level by pairing complementary shiplap elements throughout the entire design.

11. Thoughtfully Separate Spaces with Rugs

Open Concept Main Room.jpeg


This is a truly open concept with its loft-like setup. This type of space is really hard to get right, but this design hits a homerun. The homeowners thoughtfully created separate spaces using rugs. The dining room and living area are both marked by rugs to help make this open room feel more functional. The color scheme is fantastic, too. The deep navy trim and accents add an elegant tone to this upscale design.

Do you need some more help with your open floor plan décor? Try Option {M} today. There’s a short quiz that helps you determine your ideal interior design style, and will make choosing a consistent motif for your open floor plan much easier!