Should Crown Moulding Be Painted the Same Color as the Ceiling and Walls?

September 2, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Are you interested in purchasing crown moulding for your home but aren’t sure how it will mesh with your design aesthetic? Many homeowners and designers fret over whether they should paint their crown moulding the same color as their walls and ceilings or a corresponding, complementary color. If you’re in the same boat, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing Colors for Your Crown Moulding

Though it certainly can be, crown moulding does not have to be painted the same color as the ceilings and walls. Using a different colored moulding can really round out a room and add a bit of character. However, using same-colored moulding can create an elegant, sophisticated, and minimalist look, which may be an ideal choice for your aesthetic.

There isn’t just one way to use interior colors. It all comes down to your personal style and discretion and what looks right in your home.

6 Ways to Use Color with Crown Moulding

Of course, when it comes to interior designs and color stories, sometimes you have to see it to believe it. So, if you still aren’t sure what color your moulding should be, take a look at these six unique and inspiring crown moulding designs:

1. Playing with Greyscale

G.A. White Homes - Office - Angle - Fashion Forward

If you were wondering what a complex play on greyscale would look like, take a look at this room. The designer of this gorgeous home office used crown molding to accent the paneling on the bottom half of the walls. Moulding and trim were also used within the paneling and inside the ceiling design.

This is a perfect example of using both the same color and a different color. The crown moulding is identical in color to the bottom half of the wall and around the windows, it’s much darker than the top half, which creates a beautiful contrast. This design makes these elements stand out without pulling focus from the luxurious furniture.

2. Creating Geometric Patterns

For Blog Only - Cresco - Gray Trim Dining Room


This dining room is a gorgeous example of utilizing identical colors to create exciting and eye-catching patterns. Of course, this was done using expertly placed crown moulding and two colors instead of just one.

Rather than leaving the walls blank, this designer used grey moulding to create a chair line and various panels. A similar choice was made for the white ceiling, using trim to create an intriguing frame-like design with interesting shapes and lines. As a result, the grey walls and white ceiling appear extravagant and sophisticated.

3. Using Moulding to Create Breaks

For Blog Only - White Crown Bedroom

When your bedroom is as beautiful as this one, with an accent wall covered in stunning wallpaper, there’s not a lot you have to do to make it look better. This designer used crown moulding in a clever and tasteful way, breaking up the light grey walls and providing a clear separation between the walls and the coffered ceiling.

Using two distinct colors makes the room stand out and allows the designer to tell a story. Notice how the white is carried through the ceiling, moulding, and furniture, while the grey is used in the flooring, accent wall, and hardware.

4. Keeping it Simple

For Blog Only - Built Up Crown Moulding View

When you paint your crown moulding the same color as your walls and ceiling, you allow a few things to happen. One, you add sophistication and glamor to a room without stealing focus from the rest of your design work. Two, the colors used in the room aren’t being dictated by the moulding, so you have a blank canvas to work with.

And last, the moulding itself creates a series of lines and shadows, adding contrast and dimension to an area that is sometimes ignored in interior design. This allows more minimal designers to add intrigue and personality without taking up space.

5. Using Fun Colors and Interesting Designs    

For Blog Only - Eddie Mickenberg - Gold Coffered Ceiling Living Room

Eddie Mickenberg

How are you supposed to use the same colors everywhere when your ceilings and walls don’t even match? This is the kind of unique and awe-inspiring design you get when you think outside the box. The designer for this room knew how to use color in a fascinating way, creating new spaces for color in the ceiling moulding.

6. Going Black and White

Black and White Trim Dining Room.jpeg

The black and white aesthetic is a classic, and it always works, no matter where you use it. The designer of this gorgeous dining room uses a few different tricks to make the design choices stand out.

The white crown moulding cuts across the walls and frames the windows, creating a stark separation between the walls, ceiling, and the outdoors. To take it a step further, they also used moulding to make a panel in the ceiling, using trim to create unique geometric designs. This is an absolutely breathtaking and luxurious use of crown moulding.

Discover Your Personal Color Story

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