9 Picture Mould Trim Design Ideas for Upscale Room Accents

November 1, 2022

By: The Finished Space

To elevate the design of an upscale room, look no further than picture moulding. Picture moulding, also known as panel moulding, is a type of thin trim most often used to create boxes or other shapes on the wall.

Historically, picture mould was one-and-a-half to two inches thick and a purely functional piece of moulding. People used picture mould to hang their art on the wall because the plaster was too thick. As a result, picture moulding is typically associated with vintage or classic design aesthetics.

However, now that there are other options for hanging art, picture moulding can be used in various ways to elevate a room’s design, and it works particularly well in upscale aesthetics. In this article, we want to share some picture mould design ideas to inspire your next design.

9 Inspiring Picture Moulding Design Ideas

Here are nine inspiring and unique ways to incorporate picture mould into your room’s design:

1. Create Picture Frame Boxes

For Blog Only - Alisa Bovino - Blue Panel Bedroom

Alisa Bovino

This elegant room already dazzles with its blue walls and ornate accents, and the picture moulding helps take this design to the next level. The designer used picture moulding to create visual interest, draw attention to desired parts of the room, and frame artwork. In addition, by making the boxes different sizes, the designer was able to highlight the gorgeous headboard and wall sconces.

2. Design a Dark and Geometric Accent Wall

For Blog Only - Alisa Bovino - Blue Panel Bedroom Closeup

Alisa Bovino

This gorgeous shade of blue paired with the single painting already creates drama and impact in this design. The picture moulding on the wall takes it a step further. This designer used picture moulding to create three-dimensional squares on the wall, which helped to create an interesting accent wall in this lively space. This is an incredibly unique way to use picture moulding to add texture and dimension to a room.

3. Add Symmetry with Wall Panels

Masonite - Livingston - Hallway of Door and Picture Mould

The picture moulding helps add intrigue to this elegant and understated beige room. By adding a bit of texture to the wall via symmetrical, empty panels, the designer helped take this room from the expected to the unexpected. Painting the picture moulding the same color as the wall was the way to go, too. It adds dimension without drawing too much focus.

4. Add Elegance with Large, Creamy Squares

For Blog Only - Sarah Gibson, of Room For Tuesday - Living Room Picture Mould

Sarah Gibson

This crisp and creamy wall color radiates class. With thoughtful touches and a delicate hand, this design feels effortlessly luxurious. The thin picture mould helps add a bit of texture and helps break up the white color story without taking away from the impact.

5. Frame a Fireplace

For Blog Only - Lindsay Jackman - Black Fireplace Wall and Wood Ceiling Panels

Lindsay Jackman

This fireplace scene oozes sleek comfort and aesthetic elegance. The accent wall for the fireplace is framed with beautiful wooden beams, while the blue picture moulding makes a strong statement of comfort. Surrounded by white, the white fireplace jumps out of the blue accent wall, completing a fantastic aesthetic.

6. Create a Layered Effect

Soft Coloured Wood with Picture Frame Moulding.png

One of the most exciting ways to use picture moulding is to create a layered effect on the wall. In this image, you can see how making a panel within a panel beneath a stacked crown moulding can create an impactfully textured effect. Paired with the coffered ceiling, this use of picture moulding is ideal for large spaces or ornate aesthetics.

7. Complement and Add Dimension

For Blog Only - Classic Cottages - Hardwood Floor Empty Room with Paneling

Classic Cottages

There’s a gorgeous symmetry to this space. The deep hardwood mirrors the inset ceiling, and the wraparound white helps maximize this effect. It’s almost as if this room is a physical representation of the esoteric phrase “as above, so below.” This symmetry is carried throughout the space as the picture moulding mimics and matches the windows to create a totally symmetric and visually stunning room.

8. Add Picture Mould to the Cabinets

For Blog Only - The Haebler Group - Simple White Kitchen

The Haebler Group

This modern kitchen is the perfect marriage of classic and contemporary design. The gorgeous paned windows, top-of-the-line appliances, and modern countertops pair perfectly with the classic powdery blue color of the cabinetry. To keep the cabinetry from feeling stale, the designer used picture moulding to add texture to the kitchen cabinets and island.

9. Elevate Your Stairwell

For Blog Only - Kate Pearce Vintage - Chair Rail Staircase

Stairwells are another opportunity to show off your design chops. While many people settle for pictures of family or novelty artwork, astute designers know how to elevate the design to create an impactful final look. In this case, the designer used picture mould to create a striking accent wall to add texture and intrigue.

Add Picture Mould to Your Next Design

Ultimately, picture mould is a terrific addition to any upscale design. Whether you want to use it for its original purpose or hang it in a unique way, like the inspiring examples in this article, picture moulding is an excellent way to add elegance to your upscale design.

If you aren’t sure which picture moulding and finishing touches are right for your project, contact our experts today to discover the best option for your project.