What Rooms Should Have Crown Moulding?

June 23, 2021

By: The Finished Space

Crown moulding is a signature feature that adds elegance and accentuates a room’s architectural features. However, determining where to add crown moulding isn’t always as simple as you’d think. It all depends on your style, budget, and taste.

 If you’re planning to install crown moulding in your home, you may be trying to figure out which of your rooms should have it and which rooms shouldn’t. You’re in luck! Here’s a thorough guide to the most popular rooms for crown moulding, including beautiful design examples for each one.

Living Rooms

For Blog Only - Jillian Harris, Love It or List It Vancouver - Blue Wall and Fireplace Living Room

Jillian Harris

Crown moulding is often used to create flair. It draws attention to walls, ceilings, and built-ins, and elevates the design aesthetic. The living room is an area of the home that gets a lot of regular use. Since the living room is often used to entertain guests, it’s an excellent area to utilize decorative moulding and trim.

In this room, you’ll want to use moulding to create separation between the walls and adjacent ceilings. You don’t necessarily have to paint the baseboards the same color, but it definitely helps keep everything cohesive.

For instance, check out the living room featured above. The designer of this room utilized crown moulding on the fireplace and along the edges of the ceiling. The attention to detail is exquisite and illustrates a level of expertise that many designers try to emulate.

Dining Rooms

For Blog Only - Cresco - Gray Trim Dining Room


Dining rooms are usually the place in every home where family, friends, and guests eat, congregate, socialize, and celebrate. It’s home to the sound of cutlery, wine glasses, and idle chit-chat. If you’d like to impress your guests the next time you host a dinner party, crown moulding is the perfect addition to your dining room. 

The best way to utilize crown moulding in a dining room is to accentuate the room’s focal points, which is usually the dining room table and the central light fixture. Using moulding as an accent will add an elegant and sophisticated quality to your space without drawing too much attention. The room will just feel fancier and more luxurious, and no one will quite know why.

Family Rooms

Living Room

Family rooms and living rooms have a lot of similar uses, but there is a difference. A living room is typically closer to the front of the house, and the family room is generally located towards the back. A living room still gets just as much traffic, though, so it’s an excellent place for crown moulding.

In the family room, crown moulding should be used to create separation between the walls and ceilings. It can also be used to emphasize the top and bottom edges of a fireplace, as pictured above. 

Notice how the designer chose to play with different colors for different features. The fireplace moulding is a deep charcoal, while the rest of the moulding is a stark white. This was a clever choice that really complements and considers the design aesthetic of the entire room. 


For Blog Only - New England Building Supply - White Cabinet Trim Kitchen

New England Building Supply

Kitchens are another fantastic area to invest in crown moulding. Kitchens get a lot of foot traffic. It’s another favored room for socializing during gatherings with friends and family, so it’s definitely an area that you want to feel clean, sophisticated, and chic.

The best way to use crown moulding in the kitchen is to highlight the edge of the ceiling and to frame the upper parts of your cabinets. Notice the elegance along the top edges of the cabinets in the picture above. This placement allows you to seamlessly tie the crown moulding from the ceiling into the smaller moulding used in the cabinetry.


For Blog Only - White Crown Bedroom

Most experts recommend putting crown moulding in the centralized rooms of the house (like the kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room), however, the bedroom is also a great place to utilize it. It’s a great way to increase the sophistication of your bedroom’s design without adding clutter.

If you’re going to add crown moulding to your bedrooms, it’s best to start with the master bedroom or any rooms that guests will see. Add it to the edges of your ceilings. If you have a tray ceiling, like the image above, it’s a great way to accentuate the different levels and bring more attention to your central features. 


Pink Trim Bathroom - After

Yes, you can install crown moulding in your bathroom. Since bathrooms are usually high-traffic areas, they are a popular place for moulding installation.

Fortunately, as you can see above, it can be used with stunning results! Crown moulding can make a bathroom feel bigger and can be used to enhance the room’s ceilings, casings, and prominent features. In this room, a little goes a long way, for instance.

Do You Have Crown Moulding in Your Home?

Are you still unsure where you’d like to install crown moulding in your home? Check out our inspiration gallery to help get those creative ideas flowing. Once you’ve decided, you should also check out Option {M}. We have a fun and easy to use resource that matches your design aesthetic with the perfect crown moulding for all the rooms in your home!