7 Interior Window Sill Design Ideas

March 5, 2021

By: The Finished Space

When considering areas in the home to spruce up with new design ideas, it’s easy to overlook the window sills. They’re often a place that homeowners leave bare and untouched because it’s hard to think of ways to make them look nice without blocking the view or adding clutter.

There’s no reason a window sill shouldn’t look just as modern and beautiful as the rest of the home. If you’re searching for some fresh window sill design ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are seven exciting ways to instantly transform those boring old window sills into eye-catching statement pieces:

1. Use Window Sills to Create Shelving

For Blog Only - Window Sill Shelving


Everyone loves an antique bookcase or floating shelf. The fact is, there are always little things that homeowners would love to add to their interior design motif that need a specific place. Shelving just happens to be the perfect vehicle for those things.

So, why not transform a window sill into a makeshift shelf? It’s a beautiful place for showcasing books or works of art. It’s also a great space for live plants and small gardens, which can bring a bit of life into a room while illustrating a love of nature. 

No matter how you use them, window sill shelves are a great way to add personality to a room without taking up space.

2. Create Seating with Bay Window Sills

Seating Bay window Sill.jpeg

Bay window sills bring a touch of comfort and coziness to every room. A perfect accent for the homeowner who wants to curl up on a Saturday afternoon with a good book or the family who loves entertaining guests.

You can cover the seating with comfortable pillows or keep it minimal, whichever fits your design aesthetic and taste. Plus, it’s also an area that can double as a storage space for board games, toys, guest sheets, or throw blankets.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with this window sill design idea. There’s just something dreamy and idyllic about a beautiful bay window seating area.

3. Go with Bold, Black, Factory-Style Windows

Black Trim Windows Kitchen.jpeg

This window sill design idea creates a glamorous and sophisticated feeling while retaining a minimalist and modern approach to interior design.

Homeowners shouldn’t forget that window sills can be just as important as the other parts of the house. They’re eye-level with guests when they’re inside and outward-facing, which means anyone who walks by can see them.

Note the beautiful crown moulding in the ceiling that pairs perfectly with the black factory-style windows. Window sills are an excellent accent area to completely tie a room together.

4. Create a Desk out of a Window Sill

For Blog Only - Window Sill Desk


The pandemic has driven a lot of people to work from home. As a result, many homeowners and designers have focused a lot of attention on crafting new and innovative office spaces. One way to do that is by transforming window sills into desks.

Why not create an office with a view? There’s plenty of light and sunshine, which is a beautiful addition to any home or office. In fact, working in natural sunlight can reduce headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision and boosts productivity and wellbeing. Plus, homeowners get the added benefit of repurposing space, which is super on-trend.

5. Match Natural Wood Cabinets

Wood Kitchen with Coffered Ceiling - After - Cropped

If the design inside the home is light and airy with flawless crown moulding and natural wood furniture, then there’s no reason the window wills shouldn’t match that aesthetic. Wooden frames are a great way to tie a room together without altering the way a room looks.

Natural wood is a durable and long-lasting material. Woodgrain has a sophisticated, high-end quality that pairs well with elegant crown moulding and baseboards. 

6. Match Sills with Colored Walls

For Blog Only - Thom Filicia - Blue Trim Living Room

Designer: Thom Filicia | Photographer: William Waldron 

There’s no limit to the possibilities that you can create with window sills. Painting window sills with an accent color is a popular option, but homeowners should also consider matching the paint between their window sills and walls. If the room is flooded with dark ocean colors and vibes, why not embrace that in the window sills?

Dark-colored walls add personality and drama. Painting the window sill the same color further accentuates the tone.

7. Extend Sill Beyond the Window 

Extended wooden window sill.jpeg


Window sill design ideas don’t have to be flashy. Homeowners can redefine the window sill seat in a fun and modern way by extending the sill out beyond the window.

This is a simple idea that goes a long way in changing the look of the window sill. It can be an area where someone sits and plays the guitar or a terrific spot for a glass vase. Regardless, this idea allows you to utilize a space that would otherwise not be used without requiring too much work.

Make Your Sill Matter

Every detail in interior design counts, so you shouldn’t discount the importance of your window sills. Go elegant, go rustic, go wild – but remember to stay true to yourself. With Metrie’s Option {M}, you can find the perfect combinations of interior mouldings and doors to match your window sill design ideas.

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