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You’ve probably noticed that wainscoting has become a super popular aspect of modern interior design, and there’s a good reason for that! As an incredibly versatile and undeniably chic design element, wainscoting can bring a whole new level of sophistication to your space.

Are you thinking about installing a barn door in your home? They’re a fantastic addition to any space, and they are both stylish and practical. Installing them is a little more complex than you might realize. To install it properly, it’s critical to take accurate measurements first.

Shiplap was once a primary building material used in shipbuilding, which is why it has a nautical name. In modern times, shiplap has become a staple in interior design that has been popularized by the world’s most famous tastemakers and design shows. This type of wall treatment is now the centerpiece of many homes around the world, making it a chic trend that homeowners love and designers love to use.

Take a moment to forget everything you know about barn doors. They may be synonymous with rustic red barns and sprawling farms, but they can also make a striking design statement in your modern home! 

Nothing screams sophistication in interior design like wainscoting. It’s an age-old technique that has reinvented itself as a modern design staple, and we absolutely adore it.

Born from a mix of traditional Japanese Zen principles and the simplicity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic, Modern Minimalism has become a staple in the interior design world. As a homeowner, home designer, or home developer, it’s a design aesthetic that you should definitely learn about.

Modern Minimalist  is one of the most popular design trends today, which is why so many homeowners, designers, and developers are learning to embrace it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it easy to identify. There are so many variations floating around that it can be difficult to distinguish Modern Minimalist design from many other design aesthetics that use minimalistic qualities.

In the interior design world, styles and aesthetics are born, transformed, and sometimes merged to create new and fresh aesthetics. Among the style blends is the ever-popular contemporary Craftsman design style, marrying timeless Craftsman features with modern contemporary sensibilities.

In the bustling universe of interior design, styles emerge, evolve, and occasionally merge to create new aesthetics. One such blend is the modern contemporary Craftsman style, a fusion that marries the best of both worlds: the classic Craftsman characteristics with a modern contemporary flair.

Modern minimalist interior design has taken the world by storm, attracting homeowners and designers across the globe for its sleek lines, muted colors, and deceptively simple aesthetics.

Doors are the entryways into and through our homes, which makes them one of the most seen and utilized elements in our houses.

In this article we take a look at crown moulding for columns and how to utilize moulding fully to bring an entire interior design aesthetic together.